Mr. Treloar of Ludgate Hill, London, the cocoa- nut fibre manufacturer, has published an interesting pamphlet, showing the uses to which the various parts of the cocoa- nut tree are applied. The purposes of utility to which this.tree may be put are very numerous. The Cingalese have a saying, “that it has ninety- nine uses, and the hundredth cannot be dis covered.". From the full-grown leaves are formed mats, carpets, baskets, sails, tents, and liquid measures. The cocoa- nut oil yearly imported into England is valued at ..100,000. By means of mechanical processess, secured by patent, the value of cocoa-nut fibre has been much increased. It has been found suit ed for the production of articles of great utili ty and elegance ol workmanship. ' A Great Exhibition prize medal was awarded to Mr. Treloar for the best specimens of matting, mats, brushes, mattresses, and other articles made of cocoa- nut fibre