W E ha ve p reviously had occa sion to refer to the fact that the United States Post Office is finding it economical to do some of its own printing, instead of giving out the work to contractors, as heretofore. In the current issue of our SUPPLEMENT, Mr. Gunnaway describes the arrangements which have been made for printing money orders on the government's own presses.-In the second instalment of his article on the Great Star Map, Prof. Turner deals with the subject of “Star Counting.” A note on the variation in the Purchasing Power uf1 Gold should prove of general interest.— We like to keep track, not only of progress at home, but also of the course of events abroad. An article on the electrification of suburban lines in the British capital is published with this object in view.-We have seen the automobile invading a great variety of fields of uscfulness. Th, motor car to the rescue is the modern cry when fire threatens property and life, as is illustrated by an article on a new auto-fire-engine.-The article on Practical Aspects of Printing Telegraphy reaches its ·seventh instalment in this issue.-The Mechanical Handling sf l;reight is a most important technical problem, to the solution of which new contributions are added every day. One example of this is shown in an illustrate.d article.-Factory Economy is the guiding principle ever before the eyes of the works superintendent. A description of an immense superheater utilizing waste heat and installed in one of the plants of the United States Steel Corporation is m. te res tI' ng I. thIO S con nee tI' On.-An ar t1' -cle from the pen of the great genius, Prof. WII h e I m 0 stwald , on th e B'IOlogy of th e Savant, br.mg us one of hI.S IU(ld st?dleS In the PSYChology of great pe : sonahty.-The extractIOn of crude cocaine and l:tS refining process is describe.d I n an artI.cle derived from the Engineer. Materials for Paper Money THE materials that go to make up om' paper money are gathered together from all parts of the world. Part of the paper fiber is linen rag from the Orient. The silk comes from China or Italy. The blue ink is made from German or Canadian cobalt. The black ink is made from Niagara Falls acetylene gas smGne, and most of the green ink is green color mixed in white zinc sulphite made in Germany. The red 10101 in the seal is obtained from a pigment imported from Central Amfrica. $500.00 for This Simple Invention Perhaps some reader of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN can help us to solve this problem: We control 92% of the oyster beds from which genuine Blue Point oysters come. Because no one has (ver trade-marked oysters, substitution and fraud are easily possible. How can we mark the shells of our Blue Point oysters so that the consumer can be sure that he is getting the genuine and not a substitute ? The marking must be accomplished without hurting the oyster, or detracting from its flavor or attractiveness. It must be of a nature that will show on both upper and lower shells and that will withstand the water incident to handling the oyster. It must be so distinctive that we can prosecute frauds-those who advertise and offer Blue Points without this mark. The whole cost of trade-marking oysters must be less than 25c a barrel-which contains from 800 to 1800 oysters. We have thought of dipping the point of the oyster in blue plaster of Paris, and of sand-blasting two lines across both shells-but we have never worked either of these methods out. To the inventor who devises a method which we can adopt we will pay $500 in gold. To the inventor who furnishes us with an idea, not complete in itself, but which enables us to perfect a method, we will make a suitable reward. You can easily get oyster shells to experiment with. Send your solution to SEALSHIPT OYSTER SYSTEM, 40 Central Street, BOSTON, MASS. DO YOU HAVE KNIVES TO GRIND, SILVER TO POLISH, SHALL TOOLS TO OPERATE. WASHINC MACHJNES OR WRINGERS TO RUN'i LET THE RED DEVIL. M Water Motor Do Your Work Attacbed to any water faucet will deveJop up )3 H. P. according to size of pipe nnl water oressure. Ollly perfe{'t s\:dl nlotar lade. Improved buej,et wheel eOllstl'tlctioll. G ill. OIolul' tor llechallics IlJld 'l'mdesmen. ,'aslliJlg D achilll, X H. P. on 7 itl. pipe, 80 J'os.water pressure; 1 B'l'. on 60 Ihs. ]tesSlre, 2 ill' lip". “"” ' asll wit h onler. N/, 149'-4 ill. JU ntoI' for gnndhlg, polisllillg. fallS, spwillg madJiues ; for Hoctors, Uputi;ts, JlI I lg-gist .s , etc.o, wi th eme ry,L u i i in g w b eel , silver polis h a m i pu ll e y ,$ :. No. 1493-4 i ll . :lli>. tor a n d p u lley D i l l , $2 .50 , ca sh w it h order. Money b a c l. for any r eason. O rder yyour m otor fro m de ale r or f ro m u s. Sem I your w a ter pr es s u re aT ld siz ! o f su p p l y pipe. Ad i v e Ag < n t s w an ted . Cut al og fr e e . DIVINE WATER MOTOR . DEP'T Ii; UTICA, N.V. ICY-HOT f§ To e Bottle That Keeps Hot Liquids H ot 2 4 Ho u rs Col d Liquid ds s C o l d 3 Da y s Y o u can hav e h o t or c o ld drinks w hil e t r a ve ling, fis hin g, hunti ng , motorin g, etc., keep w a rm m ilk f o r b ab y , co ld wate r fo r child orinv a lid at bedsi de w ithout bo ther. 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