The unfortnnate quarrel which has sprung up between the Director of the Dndley Observatory, Dr. Gould, and certain of the trustees, has called forth a pamphlet frDm the Scientific Conncil, Professors Henry, Bache, and Pierce, in which it is clearly and ably demonstrated that Dr. Gonld has been most shamefnlly abused by a set of conceited individuals, who seem to have about as much knowledge of astronomy as a pig has of refinement. The pamphlet contains 90 pages, and is an interesting expose of this ridiculous controversy. ------------- ll ----------------- The ninth exhibition of the Chicago Mechanics' Institute, for specimens of American manufactures, and the mechanic arts will be opened September 4th, this year, and con- ( tinue open until the 17th of the same month. J Space can be had by addressing G. P. Hun- son, Snperintendent.