This fine steamship, built at Boston for the Pasha of Egypt, has been lying idle at her wharf, for several months, in consequence of 'difficulties connected with the working of her engines. We are informed that a contract has just been closed between the agent of the Pasha and the Corliss Steam Engine Company, of Providence, by which the latter are to remodel her engines by the introduction of Mr. Corliss' improvements. The work will probably be completed in two or three months, and by the 1st of July it may be presumed that this splendid ship (which our readers will probably recollect is constructed with a double hull of iron and wood) will be in a condition to reflect the full credit due to her designers and constructors. She is the largest iron vessel ever built in this country, and is the first, we think, in which an inner casing of wood has been provided in this manner to contribute to the strength and efficiency of the structure.