Mr. L. W. Campbell is the inventor and patentee of a new design in railway street sprinklers. The accompanying illustration shows its appearance when in use. It is a combined track and street sprinkler, and the first effort with in our knowledge to combine the two ideas. It is so constructed that it will, at the pleasure of the motorman, sprinl{le a single or double track alone, omitting the sides, or it will sprinkle one or both sides, including the track, if desired. It will sprinkle a street of any reasonable width, say a street so narrow as to barely allow the car to pass, to a street one hundred feet wide, without any change in the structure of the machine. The Car says the Rapid Transit Street Sprinkler Company, of Waco, Tex., are the makers. -llll '''Ily PI'opellel' Shafts HIeak. It is getting to be pretty well understood that the frequent hreaking of propeller shafts is not due to the defective material of the shafts themselves so much as to the excessive strains to which they are subjected, owing to the working and straining of the hull of the ship in a seaway. The Railway Engineering and Mechanic states that careful measllrements taken on a steamer in heavy weather showed that the propeller shaft was at times sprung out of line 1M inches in a length of 112 feet. Measurements on deck showed the same amount of deflection. 'fhe ship was stiffened, and the shafting gave no further trouble.