This ship left her place at Williamsburgh on Tuesday the 15th inst" with a S, E. ligh breeze, From the time she passed pier No 1, East River, until she passed the Narrows it was 1 hour 38 minutes ; she had the tide in her favor, and r an only at the rate of 6 knots per hour. A correspondent informs us that, with the tide in her favor, she only run at the rate of 4 miles per hour, and an eye witness says that she took 22 minutes to make the first mile. She left to go to Norfolk, Va. we have not heard any word from her since she went tu sea, We are patiently waiting [or the " New York Tribune " and " TImes ' tu tell us the exact days.eeing the days 'of steam are numbered, when all our steamboats will stop running