The astronomical prize given yearly by the above society has been divided for 1852 between the five astronomers, who have discovered seven planets in the course of the past year, ,viz., Hind of London, de Gasparis, Naples; Luther, Blik, near Dusseldorf; Chacor-nac, Marseilles ; Herman Goldschmidt, Paris ; a medal being conferred on each of the above j the prize for mechanics was awarded to M. Triger, civil engineer, for the invention of a process for expelling water out of swampy grounds, by means of compressed air, the operation having been for the first time effected in 1839, in forming a shaft 25 metres deep, through the quicksands on an island in the Loire, near Chalonnes, to get at the under surface. A large number of pecuniary rewards were bestowed in the various departments of medicine and surgery; among the successful competitors we notice the name of Orfila, the celebrated writer upon Poisons and their Antidotes.