We are gratified to be able to announce to inventors, everywhere, that a " good time" has really come for them at the Patent Office. The declaration of Commissioner Holt that the Patent laws, under his administration, shall be liberally construed, is being carried out in the most thorough and practical manner. Every department of the Patent Office begins to brighten up under the liberal system, large lists of patents are weekly granted, and general satisfaction at the decisions and management of the Office prevails. Now is the time for inventors to apply for patents. Now, especially, is the time for rejected applicants who are dissatisfied with previous decisions to petition for redress through re-hearings. The establishment of a regular Board of Appeals presents new andsuperiorfacilities for the examination, re-opening and te-decision of rejected cases. We would therefore call upon inventors in all parts of the country to come forward and file their appeals. Under Commissioner Holt full justice may be expected in every instance. Those who desire professional assistance are informed that they can employ the services of MUNN & Co. upon terms quite as moderate as any other agency. Our experience and success in the prosecution of rejected cases have been very great. We have a branch office established directly opposite the Patent Office at Washington, which gives us important facilities in the examination of models, official papers, records, &c. One of the members of our firm devotes his time exclusively to the personal examination and prosecution of rejected applications. Except a small initiatory fee, we generally make no charge for our services unless we succeed in obtaining the patent. Inventors who have rejected cases, no matter of how long standing, are invited to correspond with us. No charge for correspondence or advice. Send the official letters and such facts as are necessary to give us an understanding of the situation of the case. Address MUNN & Co., Scientific American Patent Agency, New York.