AN ordinary grapnel can be made to give goad servIce as an anchor by attaching to it a lead weight of U-shape, fat on the top and rounded on the bottam to ft the grapnel. This weight may be simply' tied on the grapnel with cords when desired. It is not suppased to be used around a rocky or stony bottom. On a sand or soft bottom it acts like a mushroom anchar. Where a small launch or baat is at anchor with a bridle it generally lies across the current or broadside to the wind. This is quite important for same kinds af fishing, and it is always necessary to use heavier anchors or grapnels when in this pasitian. The lead weight is Weighted Grapnel as a mushroom anchor. easily cast in sand by taking a bent piHce of tln and scaaping out the sand to the shape desired. It is nat necessary to make a pattern. The weight should he roughly about fif1en paunds for a ten-pound grapnel. The rape is spliced in a ring at the bottom of the grapnel, brought up to the top and seized with a small cord to the ring or eye. Two turns of ordinary cord are generally enaugh for thp Kebng. which is (:alled tho trip ('ard.