A correspondent suggests a very simple method of disinfecting this ship, by means of chlorine, and one which, at the same time, would be very cheap. His plan is this:— Lower into the ship a few portable furnaces filled with glowing coals, and having on them an iron disk, in which is one of glass containing a quantity of common salt, into which a gutta percha tube dips, the other end of which reaches to the deck. All being prepared, the hatches are closed. Oil of vitriol is poured down the tube into the salt, and the tube withdrawn; and when (in a month or six weeks) the ship is opened, our correspondent thinks that the chlorine evolved from the salt by the vitriol will have penetrated every portion of the ship, and thoroughly disinfected it. Another correspondent suggests the injection of hot steam ; while a third thinks that if the ship were filled with sliced onions it would be completely disinfected. We do not think that the last plan is likely to be adopted.