Two suggestions for the disinfecting of the Susquehanna have come to us from Missouri. One is to whitewash the whole vessel after the application of chlorine ; and the other is to burn charcoal in small braziers up and down the ship, it being closed up. This would convert all the air in the ship to carbonic acid and free nitrogen, which, our correspondent thinks, would kill the naalaria. A Michigan friend suggests that the inside planking should be taken out, and lime slacked between her bulkheads. He is also desirous of obtaining a contract for performing this operation. Sewing Machine Controversy.—^Wehave received a note from Geo. H. Wooster in reference to the sewing machine controversy noticed in our last week's paper. He declares that Watson's claim to priority on the " roughened surface and spring pressure feed" has not been abandoned, that an appeal has been taken from the Examiner's decision, and that the question of priority will be fought out to the bitter end. We beseech all the parties to this quarrel to conduct it as peaceably as possible, and not to forget the good old-fashioned advice applied to children not to "let their angry passions rise." Rejected Cases.—Inventors having rejected cases in the Patent Office, and not satisfied to abandon their claims, will find it greatly to their advantage to correspond with Munn & Co. Such cases receive their prompt and particular care. We are indebted to Hon. J. W. Sherman, 1 Hon. John Cochrane, and Hon. W. H. Seward ^ for Congressional documents.