It is well-known that the English claim the invention of the magnetic telegraph for their countryman, Prof. Wheatstone. The Transatlantic telegraph enterprise has caused the subject of priority of invention in this matter to be much talked of in Europe. The Paris Moniteur, the official government paper of France, after thoroughly investigating all the facts bearing upon the case, expresses itself thus:— " No doubt the discovery of the principles upon which the electric telegraph system is founded does not belong to M. Morse, but he was the first to transfer that discovery from the region of speculative science into that of practical application. It is owing to his labors and to his investigations, the honor of which is incontestibly due to him, that electrical communication, which before his time was but a mere fact asserted by science, has become a reality, and one of the most useful acquisitions which our age has made, and has to bequeath to posterity."