The Montour Rolling Mill, in Pennsylvania, is now running up to her utmost capacity, on heavy rails. The Rough and Ready Rolling Mill is running on small rails and merchant iron. Three anthracite furnaces are in blast in this region, and two more, lately repaired and enlarged, will be blown in next week. Two others are to be enlarged and repaired, as soon as may be, and put in blast. This will make seven anthracite furnaces in this vicinity, and the hot blast fixtures, lately arranged and to be arranged, are put up with a view to the building of two more furnaces. "When these improvements are completed," says the Danville Intelligencer, " we will have nine anthracite furnaces in this vicinity supposed to be the best location for making iron in the world. The Montour Company are now laying the foundation for another rolling mill, 200 feet long, with a view to doubling their capacity to make railroad iron. These, and other improvements going on here, once completed, it will be idle lor any other iron region in the United States to show facilities for the manufacture ol iron equal fo those of Danville."