Ibn numer 17. th'IS VIo. " Scientific Amen-. can," we presented an illustrated description of the breech-loading rifle of Wm. W. Mars-ton, of this city, an! stated at the time, that it wason, " the most simple and best hreech load. mg rifle yet presente.d'' We aItso sat.ed thau the cartn'dges 0VbIa.ted the neeeSSI'ty 0f cIean mg. out th.e bidarre, an tllat " 'tI wouJd s.h'me b'nght 'mSI'de after firing a thousand s.h0tSo'" Smce the t'Ime we made use 0f these quoted words, they have been confirmed in correctness by trials which have taken place at Woolwich, in England. We learn by the " London Expositor." (the Times and other Iead'mg papers confirm tlIe account)s th.at Messrs. Moulton & Eustis, from this city, (N. .Y) experimented with the if"farston rifle on the 17th 0f January, at the RIoya A1rsena., WI00WIC'h, m. the presence 0f S.If IJ.,enry Hard'mge, Commander m' Ch'Ief 0f the British !orces,, and 0ther generaIs and officers 0 d'IS t'met'0Ion. ne th first tna.I, persons unaccustomed to the use of this riHe, fired 100 shots in 15 minutes, and after firing a thou. sand shots the bore was perfectly clean. The " Expositor " says, " it seems the most formi. dable, simply constructed, and economical rifle that has yet been produced." Full credit is given to American inventive genius for producing this formidable rifle. The princi. pIe of loading is as applicable to muskets, pistols, fowling-pieces, &c., as to rifles.