The new Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Mc Clelland, has removed with his clerks into the .East wing of the Patent Office. A reso lution on the motion of Mr. Cartter, of Ohio, passed the House of Representatives against the occupation of the Patent Office by any other corps than those belonging to the Pa tent Office; this resolution was struck out by the Senate, and now the Patent Office is done tor. It will be long before it can be-occupied for the purposes originally designed in its construction. Hundreds of models must still rust and rot in the vaults, and the rights and intjwests of the inventors of the Republic be trampled under foot. The late Secretary of the Interior is to blame, as he is " the one by whom the offence came." We had hoped that the whole Patent Office building would have been kept intact for the use of inven tors' business, and an agricultural department for the benefit of our planters and farmers, the two interests, mechanical and agricultural, dwelling in harmony as they have heretofore.