The “Peach Borer” is becoming extinct in many parts of the West, and the peach trees are beginning to thrive again. Mounding up the trees with earthhas been long- practiced, aS a preventive against the borer worm ; but writers in the Entornologist say .it does no good. Peach orchards, where hogs are allowed to run, seem to be kept free from the insect. Lime and ashes are of no value. The above illustration shows the moths of the borer. Fig. 1 is the female ; Fig. 2, the male. ARTIFICIAL stone is made by mixing sand with a concentrated solution of silicate of soda. The pasty mass thus formed is placed in the mold of the desired shape. It is then dried, but is yet as brittle as biscuit. It is next saturated with a solution of chloride of calcium. In about an hour the chemical change takes place, and the whole mass becomes as hard as stone; finally, it is washed and dried.—8. Piesse.