A meeting of the ' People's College Asso ciation ' met in the City of Brooklyn, on Wed nesday last week, for the purpose of transact ing business. We have more than once di- , rected the attention of our people to this pro ject. It is a laudable one in every sense ot the term, and should receive the support and assistance of those who are possested of means to establish it on a firm and secure basis. "The People's College" was chartered by our Legislature at its last session, and mea sures will soon be matured by its Trus! ees for an appeal to the people of this State for estab lishing the College at an early day. We want to see our farmers, mechanics, and artisans elevated above their present position in so ciety, and they never will be unless some means are provided lijcs this People's College for. the better education of our " working youth j" that is, those whose occupations em-grace much manual toil. The safety of the property of the rich is dependent upon an in telligent and virtuous population. Every scheme like this, therefore, should receive the countenance and encouragement of those who have means to devote to such objects, namely, to take ftock in such a laudable scheme. The education is to be thorough in chemistry, engineering, and all the useful branches. Ma ny small countries in Europe greatly surpass ours in effective institutions of useful learning, this should not be, for our liberties and pro gress, depend on the energy, virtue, and intel ligence of our people; let our people then, have a People's College.