By the" Washington Star" we learn that this war frigate is to get in new machinery when she arrives. Well this is too bad ; our naval steamers, with a very few exceptions, are a disgrace to our country. The cotton crop in Alabama and Mississippi, as we learn by our southern cotempora-ries, will be an early and large one. List of Patent Claims Reported Officially for the Scientific American Issued from the United States Patent Office for THE WEEK ENDING Aug. 9, 1853 WINNOWERS OF GRAIN—By Samuel Canby, of EI-licott'a Mills, Md.: I claim the construction of the receiving and discharging passages for the grain; that is, the passage at the door, passage, I and passage, j, inthe manner set forth. MULTIPLYING GEARING—By Frank Dibben & Lewis Bollman, of New York City : We claim the employment in any manner as described! for the purpose of transmitting rotary motion at a multiplied or decreased speed of two pairs of toothed or frie-tion wheels, combined as described, to wit, the said wheels being placed upon two ases, one of which is capable of revolving round the other, one wheel of each pair being on one axis, and the other wheel of each pair being placed upon another axis, as set forth. [This is a very ingenious invention, and we hope soon to present an engraving of it. See notice on page 236, Vol. 7, Sci. Am.) LIFE BOATS—BS DanielDodge, of New York City, and Pnineaa Burgess, of East Boston, Mass : We do not claim a boat having an opening extending completely through it, whereby it is rendered, by the addition of a floor, fit for service in opposite positions on the water. But we claim the central fixed platform, which is secured in the opening of the boat in a plane passing centrally and horizontally, or nearly so, through the same, or which may be said to form a partition between two opposite recesses, as described, thesaid platform serviDg as a floor to the boat, whichever side is upwards, and being, from its iixed position, incapable of becoming disarranged by any accident [See engraving of this useful improvement in Wo. 16, this volume.] SETTING UP TEN PIHS AND RETURNING BALLS— By G. W, Bitchell, of New York City : I claim setting up the pins of an alley by an apparatus operated from the head of the table or elsewhere, by means of a weight or weights attached to them by codds when combined with the elevation board which raises and sustains the weight or weights to admit of the pins being knocked down, a3 described. I also claim the use at the back end of the table of a delivery board applied and constructed as described, in combination with an elevator for the elevation and return of the balls, as described. CARPENTER'S CLAMPS—By B. H. Green, of Princeton, N. J.: I claim the combination of the adjustable vibratory arms and reversible jaws, with the adjustable clamp, for the purpose of presenting jaws of diiferent sizes and at different dlstancesrrorn each other, As set forth. MODE OP DRYING PAPER—By John Hartin, of New York Cit : I claim drying paper by passing it between opposite series of equal sized fans, which revolve with equal velocities ; by which a pressure of air of equal force is made to act simultaneously upon opposite sides of the paper, and thereby insure smooth and uniform surfaces upon the same, as set forth. RAILROAD CAR SEATS—By Samuel Hickok, of Buffalo, N. y. : I claim constructing a railroad car seat by connecting and arranging the sliding seat with the revertible back hinged at the extremity of the reversing arms, and combining therewith the double ratchet bars, in such a manner that it can be easily converted in either direction into a day or night seat, and at the same time not occupy more space than the ordinary stationary seat, as set forth. I also claim the triangular foot rest in combina tion with the sliding seat, whereby it is made adaptable to the seat when used either as a day or night Beat, as set forth. WINNOWERS—By L, S. Ingraham, of Cuyahoga Palls, Ohio : I claim the stair or fluted screen, constructed as set forth. IRON POSTS FOR EENOES—By J. W. Je"Mns, of Greenport, N. Y., I claim the arrow-headed or barbed bottom of the post, in combination with the twisted cross-piece, as set forth. FIRE ARMS—By George Leonard; of Shrewsbury, Mass.: I claim a revolving fire guide, which, by tiie continued operation of the fire arm, shall successively communicate fire to the different charges of several barrels. PRINTING PRESSES—B? John Lewis, of Buffalo, N. Y.: I claim the swinging bail and the pressure bail, constructed as set forth. CORN SHELLEBS—By E. L. Millis, of Rochester Depot, Ohio : I claim reducing the larger earB of corn to be shelled to a nearly uniform size with the smaller ones, by passing the whole through between a toothed cylinder and concave, where the large ears are caught and partially reduced or operated upon preparatory to their passing with the smaller one*? through between a second cylinder and concave, when the entire operation of shelling and separating takes place, as described. PRINTING PRESSES—By Joel G. Northrop, of Sy-raause, N. V. : I claim the combination of the series of intermittiDgly rotating platans with a vibrating bed, when so arranged a8 that the delivery of the priftted sheet is from the lower of the series of platens, so that it may drop from the platen on to the paper table, or into a drawer, as described. FRIOTION ROLLEKS By James Patterson, of Franklinville, N. Y. I claim fitting; the bearing of a rolling car wheel on a fixed axle, with a series of friction rollers having bearing of large diameter to run in contact with the wheels, and of smaller diameter to run in contact with the axle, the latter being enlarged at the point of contact with the rollers, as specified. ROLLING RAILROAD AND OTEEB IRON—By A. B. Seymour, of dudson, N. Y.: I do not wish to limit myself to the modes of application specified; nor do I claim the employment of a series of draw rollers to act in succession on a bar of iron or other metal to draw it into a required form. But the employment of a series of pairs of rollers, 8o arranged that the pairs in the series shall be free to move from or towards eaoh other to adapt them- 8elves to the conditicn of the metal in the process t of rolling, as specified. REPEATING FIRE ARMS—By Joshua Stevens, of Chicopee, Mass, (assignor to the u Massachusetts Arms Co.) : I claim constructing and combining together, as described, the lock, trigger, and mechanism for rotating and locking and unlocking the coambered cylindered, as that while, by a simple pull of the trigger, the operations of enlocking and rotating the magazine or chambered cylinder, re-locking it, and discharging the cock, shall be caused to take place by power applied to the trigger alone, the elevation of the cock, or the cocking of it, shall be previously effected by the hand of a person or means entirely separate from the trigger, as described. I also claim the combination of the stirrup, the spring bolt, and the lever, as specified. I also claim the combination of the sectoral plate, made as described, with the spring bolt and slot, the said plate being applied and operated essentially as explained. I also claim the method set forth, of constructing the lever, viz , of two parts (turning on one common pin) in combination with their confining and adjusting screws, as described. DESIGN. STATUE OF DANIEL WEBSTER—By Thomas Ball, (assignor to Q. W. Nickols). af Boston, Mass.