Another trial of the steam fire engine took place at Cincinnati a few days ago. Steam was raised in lour minutes from the time of lighting the fire, and in twelve minutes it was throwing a stream ot water through an inch and three-quarter nozzle, from 50 feet of hose, a distance of 238 feet. Six streams of water were thrown at one time, each of them better than firemen generally put upon a fire. The "Enquirer" says that the engine will throw water in sufficient quantities to do efficient service at a fire, no one who has seer, her work doubts for a moment. The great difficulty appears in the getting of her to fires. Being so cumbersome and heavy it is almost impossible to get her through the streets without cutting them up and destroying the bowldering. If one could be built lighter it wonld no doubt answer the purpose. The " Invention," a foreign scientific and mechanical journal, published in Paris, has the following paragraph, in the number for March, respecting Ericsson's Caloric Engine : -"The Scientific American, whose competency no one in the United States would dare to dispute upon such subjects, continues to exhibit much reserve respecting Ericsson's engine, which is now being subjected to experiment." [That reserve, the " Invention," will 'see,is completely lemoved.