The Philadelphia Ledger asserts, on excellent authority, that the report that the Sevastopol company has proved a failure, and that the sunken ships cannot be raised, is an error. Whatever the difficulties in removing these obstructions in the entrance of the most important port in the Crimea—and the difficulties have been greatly exaggerated—the Russian government is determined that they shall be overcome; and as it is prepared to remunerate the contractors adequately, no matter what may be the cost, success is only a question of time. A WHISPER IN THE EAR.—It is no more than fair that correspondents who write to us for information, and expect us to reply by mail, should enclose a stamp to pay return postage. We do not practice scolding when this point is not observed, nor as a consequence do we refuse to answer such letters; but we would remind all who come within the pale of this notice that our yearly postage tax is more than many parishes pay to their preachers.