A. E. Schmersahl, of England, has patented an improvement in the manufacture of gelatine, glue and manure from bones. The patentee obtains bones, and separates from them blood and such other substances which are soluble in water, so as to deprive them of putrescent matters, which, according to the usual manufacture, become mingled, or partially so, with the gelatine, c. The bones thus purified he treats with an acid, in order to dissolve the phosphate, or other salt of lime, leaving the gelatine in a solid state, which after being washed, may be used as an article of commerce, or boiled into a paste or jelly, ready for immediate use. The liquor in which the bones have been macerated he reserves, and extracts therefrom phosphorus or sal-ammoniac, and superphosphate of lime, applicable as a manure.