Most of our readers, acquainted with planing machines, are probably aware that the. heaviest suit brought under the Wood worth Patent has been pending in the Circuit Court of North Carolina lor three years past: we mean the suit of Potter Kidder vs. P. K. Dickinson Co. Some ol the ablest .counsel in the country were retained in it, and twenty-five thousand dollars in the three years were expended by the parties in the preparation of the cause for a hearing. It was before the court at the last term, on a motion for an interlocutory injunction, and Mr. Justice Wayne ordered the complainants' bill to be amended as required by the answer, refused the injunction, and remarked that the pleadings on behalf of the defendants exced-ed any for ability, and the great number of new points raised, that had ever fallen under his notice. A case of more importance to the country and to the patent law hadne ver arisen, the defendant continually running the Gay machine, and the evidence covering every, thing known in relation to the Woodworth patent and all the planing machines in this and foreign countries. Having reached this crisis, the complainants proposed to dismiss the bill, each party paying their own costs— and thus has ended this vigorously prosecuted and most vigorously defended suit of any that has yet been brought under the Woodworth Patent.