The manufacture of tin plate is one ot which England can truly boast, as she is the heart centre and complete monopolist of it.— She supplies the world with it, and no coun try uses so much as our own. There is more tin plate used in the United States than there is in England, and the consumption of it is in creasing rapidly. The majority ot the roofs of our new buildings are of tin, and we do not make an overstatement when we say that for one house erected ten years ago and covered with a tin roof, there are now fifty. The price of the article has greatly advanced, and so far as we know no attempt has ever been made to manufacture it in this country. If it can be done profitably, there is a wide field open for some enterprizing company, if not, the article should be admitted duty free, as it interferes with none of our manufacturing in terests, and we have now a surplus revenue. Tin plate is one of the most useful metallic products. No other metallic product is so adaptable in its nature to be made into every form for public and domestic use. At the present time, manufacturers of tin ware and whitesmiths generally, are complaining of the high price of tin-plate; if it were cheaper than it is, we are satisfied that it would be a general benefit to our people.