Our subscribers will bear in mind that the time is fast approaching when the valuable prizes offered by us, for the four largest lists of mail subscribers, will have to be awarded. They are as follows:—A Silver Pitcher, worth $60; a set of the Iconographic Encyclopedia, worth $35; Dempsey's Machinery of the Nineteenth Century, and C. B. Stuart's great work upon the Naval Dry Docks of the United States. The winner of the first prize can receive the Silver Pitcher or $60—we are not particular which is chosen. Several lists have been forwarded to us, and we therefore advise those of our friends who are really in earnest, to be expeditious. We should be sorry to find some hardworking zealous subscriber losing his chance merely from not sending us in his list of subscribers early enough; we therefore hope sincerely, that no such disagreeable inadvertency will occur—but occur it must if there be any procrastinating, for the prizes will be decidedly awarded at the fixed time. After this notice no blame can be attached to us. If any of our friends allows the occasion to pass by it will be his own fault—he will have no one to blame but himself. Never mind waiting to get a few more subscribers—send up your lists with what names you have already got, and do not lose your chance. Our Canada and Nova Scotia friends are reminded that they are free to compete likewise for the valuable prizes above specified. In the case, however, ol subscribers out of the States, fifty cents additional to the published rates of each yearly subscriber must be sent as we are obliged to pre-pay that amount of postage. We hope that they will not be behind-hand in competing.