Western New Yorkers 'There can be no doubt of a general disappointment in respect to the conduct of the American Institute regarding the Ray Premiums, We have received a great number of communications on the subject, but have declined to publish them owing to the absence of pointed fact a and straightforward statements. We cannot agree with you about u the high character of the Institute', F. V., of Mich.—We think it not best to mention your improvements in our columns. F. H B. of Ill—The Gilder's and Painter's Companion “ is a small book ; cost. $1, postage about 25 cents, it is: a very good work, John S. Taylor, 143 Nassau “t, sulls them. A.G. B , of Albany-There Is not the slightest hope of our being able to furni.:Jh you with those back volumes. J. F. S , of Ohio—We would supply your subscriber.., with the back numbers with pleasure if we had them, hut they are ,,11 gone. J. H. K,, of Ga.—Your caveat will take date from the day' it was filed, which was on the 11th in«t. H. Th1. D.; of Mass -There is no reliable map of all the railroads built and in contemplation. B.H. W., of Mo.—There is nothing new in your suggestions about locomotives ; essentially the same plan is now in use. We think the improvements you have made in your machine lor dressing staves are new and patentable. You are scarcely justified in making an application for a patent before trying the machine, and even then it is questionable whether you would be able to com pete with the simple machinery now in use for the purpose. W.J T., of Pa.—There is nothing new in your method of gearing locomotive wheels for ascending inelioe planes; the same thing is in u.,e and is generally well known S. S , of R. I.—We do not know of any patentim- provemeut in the drill whiJ!h will prevent you from obtaining a patent. '1'he peculiar combination you suggest is, without doubt, new and patentable. Balloons are too old for you: don't bother your head a bout them, as 110 good would. likely come out of your experiments. O. ,\V, B-, of Ohio.—We have carefully examined the sketches of the four devices you have submitted to us for our opinion, and do not discover sufficient novelty or utility in either if them to warrant application for letters patent. We do not fiud anything new in either of them, You must study the works on mechanics more thoroughly. J. W. B , of Teiiti.-We have examined the sketch of your so-called perpetual motion. We have no faith in it whatever, and advise you not to waste away vour'time on a subject so wild arid chimerical . We never expect, to live to see a perpetual motion - T. J U., of T«3/uu.~- Tlv.'ie' is uoiLmiig patentable in your alleged improvement in firemen's ladders. Substantially the same plan ha":! been invented, and attempts made to bring it iuto use, but without success. J. M , of N. Y —We sent you the premium money (3 twenty dollar gold pieces) by the American Ex - press 0o , last Saturday, L, A. M., of Vt.—We shipped the Encyclopedias to you by Express, last Friday week. J. S., of Md.—A stereotype of the Crystal Palace was sent to you laat Monday. A. R., of Pa,—Yours will receive attention. A. L. S., of N. Y.—The privilege which A granted to B and C is covered by the written. agreement, nothing more aud nothing less, except what may have been given before witnesses verbally It is an agreement—a bargain—B and C have no right to transfer nor give away, when it is so stated in the bond of agreement j we believe that the introduction of a. new partner who manufactures, is an infringement of the agreement, Money received on. account of Patent Office busi ness for the week ending Saturday. Dec. 18;— S. R. H.. of N. Y., $44,65 ; S. B., of Ind .. $25 ; J. Mctf , of Ky., $50 ; C. R., of Mass., $30; E . B of R. I.. $30; L. B. F., of n. y., $25 ; J. W. T ., of Tenn., $3 0; J. H., of N. Y., $30; H. F. R,of Pa, $31; E. L. N., of Mass., $55 ; W. McB , of Ohio, $30; C. S. B., of L. I., $20. Specifications anol drawings belonging to parties with the following initials have been forwarded to the Patent Office during the week ending Saturday, Dea. 18: S. B., of Ind.; G. B. D., of Mass. ; L. B. F, of N . Y.; S. E.S., of Vt; R. O. B., of I1L, (2cases); E.L . N., of Mass.; F. H., of N. J.