R. S. B., of Ohio.Well, you are a good-souled fellow, we believe. We wish you had a copy of Lieut. Maury'. Winds and Currents of the Ocean. See page 131 of Scott RUBsel on Steam, and you will find ice set down as having 140 deg. latent heat. A. C., of Ct.Your furnace appears to be a good one. F. R. Van T., of O.You may order a copy of Mi-nida's drawing book through us Price $3postage by mail about 40 cents, which mnst be prepaid. C. W. B., of Mass.Yon need not send us any more money for a copy of the Patent Laws, for we will send you one surely, as Boon as we get them priated. J. M. G , of-"-.Your case water wheel is the same as a rotary engine described in Vol. 4, Scientiw fic American. S, B. S., of Vt.We do not find that any patent has been granted to the Messrs. Douglass during the past three or four years, but it is presumed that they may own a recent patent by assignment. E. P., of Ind.You are under a wrong impression if you suppose we are ever pecuniarily interested in inventions. We cannot recommend any party to you that would be willing to advance money to introduce an invention, unless the matter was ful1y explained and promised very flattering results. N. W., of Pa.So far as we are able to judge from your sketch, the rudder is new and, we presume, pa. tentable. G. H., of Va.Your suggestion about the construction of railroad trucks, and the dispensing with the axle, etc.; is not new. J- 0., of Pa.Lamps are in common use which burn fluids without the aid of a wick. J. O. H., of Miss We have Bent you a copy of Ranlett'. Architecture, but Arnott's cannot be obtained by the single number. J. B. P., of Ga.It is certain that you and Mr. H. cannot both obtain patents, the inventions are so nearly identical, and it is a matter of a good deal of doubt if either do. We think your position is the be.t, for you have not been to the expense that Mr. H has. P. H R., of Ala.The machine advertised in our columns is as good as any in use ; the knife works in a grate which slides in a vertical frame, and the block is fed to the knife in a vibrating carriage, which gives the proper taper to the shingle. The price of a large sized machine is $120. B. B., of Md.Your clover sheller appears to be very simple, and we think would work very economically for small uses, Should you wish to patent it we shall require a model and the Patent fee, $30, in the first instance. We arB puzzled to make out your name from the signature. T. H,ofPa.Your bolting apparatus appears to be useful and new. We think a patent can be secu-ed for the improvement. Please send us a model. S. N. B of OhioWe know of no concern that would contract for constructing a locomotive of so small capacity as a 4 horse power. W. G. H., of Pa.Your composition for roofing would not be patentable. We hove had no tidings from your case since the application for a patent was made. F.D.P., of Mass.There is a bill now before Congress for the better protection of Inventors, and we are waiting for it to become a law before we issue OUr new edition of the Patent Laws, so that we may introduce it in our work, and thus render our edition as complete and reliable as the one issued by r the Patent Office. We will send you a copy as soon as any are ready for the mail, and that will depend on the action of the officials at Washington. M. 3., of N. Y.We have never heard of such an apparatus as that which you describe for the resuscitation of drowned persons: it commends itself to us. P. M. H., of N. Y.We " caught your idea," but do not think it a patentable one; if you could prove priority of invention you might possibly obtain a patent on the whole thing, but we think you would not be able to secure a patent on the improvement you have made. L. G.,of N. Y.We have had a model of a car brake in our office for two yearspast, which is coustructed o n precIsely the same plan as yours. R. H. C., of San FranciscoIt might gratify you to have an illustration of your m&chine appear in Onr columns, but we don't think it would be a sub ject of general interest to our readers, therefore decline your proposition. C. D., of Mass., and otherSWe have not all the back numbers, even to Jan. 1st, w;,th which we can supply you: your subscription we have entered from the present date. W. C. G., of N. We are at a loss to discover any thing ne if or patentable in your device to be em. ployed as a guard in front of locomotives. If there is any particular point of novelty you are at liberty to direat our attention to it, as it now stands we cannot encourage an application for a patent, as it is a mere change in form. C. C. C. S., of Mass We cannot undertake to say what the value of any invention would be, especial ly a steam valve, it may be new, but of this we are doubtful. The Patent Laws we shall send you a soon as we have an edition through the press. J. V. 8 , of N. J.We saw a model some two year ago of a switch substantially the same a. yours : w canno.t therefore advise you to make an applicatio: for a patent. S. T. C., of Mo.We do not knowof any newedk m tion of Evans's old work on Millwrighting. Wehav |j& disposed of your letter as directed. Money received on account of Patent Office business for the week ending Saturday, Feb. 12 : J. C., of Ga., $55 ; J. & C. D., of Pa., $30; H. W. W., of N Y., $40 ; R. S., of N. J., $25 ; C. D. C., of Mas., $35 ; T. T. W., of N. Y., $45 ; J. I. v., of N. Y., $30 ; D. S., of Pa., $10; A. R., of Pa., $10; C. J., of R. I., $12 ; C B., of Ohio, $50 ; L. D., of N. Y., 30; A. M.S., of Ala., $30, S. T. S., of Mass , $25 . S. A. & J. G., of R, I., $30; I., of L. I., $25; J. B. D , of N. Y., $20 ; E. G. H., of N. Y., $25 ; P. G, G., of N. Y., $55 ; C. S. B., of N. Y., $25. Specifications and drawings belonging to parties with the following initials have been forwarded to the Patent Office during the week ending Saturday Feb. 12 : E. C. B, of N. Y. ; C. S. B., of N. Y. ; J, & C. D., of Pa,; E.St.L., of N.Y.; E. G. H., of N. Y.; J. B D., of N. . Y.