W. E, L., of OhioYou must have bQeD in an extraordinary hurry when you penned your letter. If you made it a business to study such things, you would be more careful in expressing such ideas; and your views, as expressed, are certainly not very clear, although you wrote them "to clear up the subject." J. V. D., of Ohio.We receive many letter. like yours; there are many men who read considerable" and presume that they can write better than those who study and make it a business. You say that if we had used the word "ground" instead of "principle" in reference to Judge Kane's decision, we would have been saved from a loose style of language. See Webster's dictionary. J. E. C. , of N. Y.There is nothing new or patentable in your pump, that we can discover. The principle is old and well known. J. B. F" of Ohio.We have entered your name upon our subscription books and credited you with the dollar received. Where the evidence is p.lpa ble that a person subscribes for the paper, a dollar's worth, for the purpose of getting five dollars' worth of information by letters, he need not feel disappointed if he gets no reply. O , of 111, Howe, Jr" Chas. Nettleton, J. M. Singer & Co , are manufacturers of sewing machines in this cityall good machines. Wheeler, Wilson & 00 , Watertown, Ot., and J. A Ross, of St. Louis, are also makers, and will give all needful informa tiOD about prices, etc, R. B , of Geo Letters not signed by the proper name of the writer are not answered or preserved. E. , of VaEssentially the same plan as yours for operating brakes is described in the caveat of Joseph Marks, filed some months SInce. J. C., of Ohio.We have seen no picture taken by the process of Niepce. none has been exhibited in this city. We would like to see some of your specimens. Your article is in this week ; your honor is seoure as a dbcoverer. We could not publish it before. E. B. R., of Ky.Your pump is different from any with which we are acquainted, and we have no doubt a patent con be obtamed. Still, you should remember that much has been done in this branch, and it is therefore the more difficult to determine accurately. W. B , of Tenn.We do not find that Mr. S. has a patent for his mill. We furnish only copies of claims, and have credited you with one dollar on account of further 8ubecdptions. We should think the invention possessed some novelty, but cannot determine without a sketch or a model. L. B. G., of Pa.We do not remember to have seen a plough beam like yours. This, however, is not conclusive as to its novelty, because there are many improvements in ploughs with which we are not fami'liar; in fact,ther9 are so many patents for this purpose, that no one will venture an unqualified opinion. E W. H., of Mass.We will send yon a copy of the patent laws as Boon as wo have them to furnish. W, H. F, of Mo.For the very fine list of subscribers sent by you, accept our thanks. J. T. A., of Va.We made a similar enquiry some months since for another party, and found that the yellow oak bark under the nanle of "quercitron bark" is largely shipped from Philadelphia. We oannot learn of its being an article of commerce from this city.. P. B H ,of Ind You will not have to make any alteration in patent if issued, HO long as you retain in the machine the principle upon which the claims are based, We hope the case will meet' attention soon. G. V. ., of N. Y. Your improvement in journal boxes appears to be new, and we think a patent can be obtamed. G. M., of Md.We regret to be obliged to inform you that we have not a copy of either No. 19 or 20 of the present volume on hand. M. G., of N. Y.If you insi,t upon it, we will make an application for a patent for you, but your invention does not possess a feature that is not m common use, and it will be useless for you to wain-; tain a hope of success, if you apply, i N. S., of Mass.The plan you suggest for obviating railroad accidents, has been tried, but it was found not practicable. W. A. S., of N. Y.Your letters of the 27th ult. and 11th inst, were both duly received. The for mer contained $10 ; which we credited to Mr. Sloan; the latter $1, which was credited to complete your yearly subscription. J. R" of Mass.We cannot furnish such a receipt as you want. Money received on acaount of Patent Office busine for the week ending Saturday, Feb. 19 : B. I., of N. Y , $25 ; J. P. W , of Ma.. , $20 ; W. J. MeA., of Ga , $2t ; J A R , of Mo., $25; J. 0 C., of N. J., $10; C. T . of R. I.. $600; J p. A., of Ct, $30; G. W B., of N. Y, $100; 'f. J. A , of Obio, $55 i J. N. A.., of et, $30; C. H .p, of N. V., $30; J . of N. Y , $30 ; L. B W. of N Y , $10; J. , of N. Y. $300; S. W, D. & Co. Mass, $60. M. B D., of Pa,$16; S B. B., of N. Y., $30; J. P, of L. 1., $lO ; J. M R , of N. Y., $57 ; J. L., of L. I,, $27 ; J. E N. of N Y., $35. Specifications and drawings belonging to parties with the foliowing initial. have been forwarded to the Patent Office during the week ending Saturday Feb. 19 : J.L, of LT.; J. P. W. of Mass ; J. E. N., of N. l v,: T, R., of N. Y. ; M. B. D. of Pa. ; S. C. R., of