J. McC, of N. Y.—We have in our possession a fountain pen which was imported from England in 1846, which operates and is constructed on precisely the same plan as the one you describe. R. H. S-, of 0.—Your corn planter is not new. We have had several models sent to us which contain the identical principles of your machine. E. C, of Mass.—Your diagram of a water gauge represents no new invention. E. A. D,, of N. Y.—The application of an india rubberspringj adapted in any like manner to your drawing, would not be patentable, nor practicable in use. D. D., of 111.—As we understand your description, you merely duplicate the implements used ; a mere multiplication of parts does not make a patentable subject, any more than it would make a patentable combination to work several different machines from one shaft. P. Mr.S , of Md.—The Dublin Crystal Palace is an affair highly creditable to the spirit of eld Ireland ; the benificence of one man, once poor, raised the structure. G. C , of Me.—The Wheeling Bridge is permitted to stand ; the road which the bridge accommodates has been made a post road since the litigation was had, therefore the structure will not be molested. The only effectual remedy we ever knew for sea sickness was to remain on land. J. M M., of Michigan—We think your anvil for straightening and repairing the T-rail would be patentable, but the forge refrigerator we think would not, unless a legitimate combination could be made by making one part of the invention Btrictly dependent on the other, in that case they might both be probably patented under one application. C. B., of Pa.—Your plan for balancing window sash is certainly novel, and we see no objection to its operating well. We are of the opinion that it is patentable, and would recommend you to Bend us a model. E. G. B.. of N. C—The engine and boiler, with every thing complete, is offered for $500, to close a concern. We think the property would be cheap at %&)Q ; tlitt eugine is entirely new, and the boiler is in mjd condition. The information about the puuip we cannot give. J M C , of Ct.—We made an application for a patent on a Meat Cutter, about nine months ago,which we believe ia preeisely like yours. J. A. P., of Ohio—We do not know of a ainglegood and practical work on the manufacture of woolen goods. G. R., of Ohio—An endless chain water motor (not * wheel) is old and well known, it consists of a series of Duckets on an endless belt reaching from the top to the bottom of a fall, taking in the water on one side onlj; no such motor, to our knonled&e, ii G. J, of Ohio—Yours has been received. Seek wisdom with a different spirit and von may find it J. M., of N. Y.—Ifyou could give us the name of the Englishman you speak of, we could soon give you positive information ; at present we have no re-oollection of his patent. We have a reoeipt for the enamel jou apeak of. G. H., of Va.—You can find the plan described for making horse-shoe magneta in any good work on the subject; it would be too longforus to describe. Tour plan of a railroad double car is plausible, wa can see no objection to its success in popnlous localities. C. H. F.i of R. I.—We publish the claims of all the patents that issue, and if a patent was granted to the party to whom jou allude, his claim must be found in the Sci. Am. We are often requested by inventors to suppress the publication of their claims, but it is only by that class of inventors wh ose patents arehingedupon useless or invalid claims. H. J. O. of Pa.—When you get your machine in the citj we shall be happy to take drawings of it for publication. We have no drawings from which to get up engravings at present. Your claim yon will find in another column. See the back volumes of the Sci. Am, for receipts on tempering. Money received on account of Patent Office busi-nesa for the week ending Saturday, July 23:— I. M K,of III, $30 ; G. N. S., of N. Y., $80 ; E. P, of 111., $37 : W. W., of N. Y., $20 ; 8. B. & Co., of Mass.. $9, W. D. C, of-----,$30; W. Mt.S, of N. Y., $325 : W. T. M , of N. Y., $30 ; H. A., of N. Y., *?0; N. &G,of N. Y..$25. Specifications and drawings belonging to parties with the following initials have been forwarded to the Patent Office during the week ending Saturday July 23:— H. A., of N. Y.j W. K. P., of Mass.; G. N. S., of N. Y.: AT. C, of Pa.; G. &B., of N. Y.; G. H. D, of Pa.; J. B. W., of N.J.; A.S.,ofO ; E. P., of 111.