An experience of forty years. and the preparation of more than one'hundred thousand applications for patents at home and . abroad, enable us to understand the laws and practice-on both continents,-and to possess un-equaled-facilitieS-'fOr procuring patents everywhere. In addition to our -facilities for preparing drawings and specifications quickly, the applicant'can rest assured that his ease will be filed In the Patent Office without delay. Every application, • in which the fees have been paid, is sent usually to the Patent Office the same day the papers are'signed at our office. or received by mail, so there • is no delay in filing the 'case—a complaint we often hear from 'other sources. A synopsis of the patent laws of the-United States and all foreign countries may be bad on application, and persons contemplating the securing of patents. either at home or abroad. are invited to write to this office for prices, which are low. in accordance with the times and our extensive facilities for conducting the business. Address MUNN&CO., office Scientific American, 361 Broadway, New York.