We are now about to closo the present volume of our journal, a-icl W3 appeal to its staunch friends in all sections of fie country to endeavor to form clubs for the coming year. We feel justified in asserting that no other journal in this country furnishes the same amount of use'nl reading. Think of the extraordinarily low prie at whica it can bo obtained. Fifteen persons can club together and get the paper at $1 50 each for one year. Twenty persons clubbing together can have it at the rate of only $1 40. Think of getting a volume of 832 pages of useful reading matter profusely illustrated with between 500 and 600 original engravings for such a small sum of money. Single subscriptions one year, $2 ; six months, $ 1. Even though the times may be hard, the long winter evening must be relieved of its dullness, and we must keep reading and thinking, and thus be prepared to overcome temporary difficulties and open new channels of wealth and prosperity. Friends, send in your clubs.