GIVE INTELLIOlBLE DIREOTIONs.-'Ye often receive letters with money enclosed, rcquesting the paper sent for the amount of the enclosnre, but no name of State given, and often with the name of the Post Office also omitted. Persons should be careful to write their names plainly when they address publishers, and to name the Post Office at which they 'vish to receive their paper, and the State in which the Post Office is located. RECEIl'TB.-When money is paid at the office for subscription, a receipt for it will always be given i but when subscribers remit their money by mail, they may consider the arrival of the first paper a bona fide acknowledgment of the receipt of their funds. The Post Office law does not allow publishers to enclose 'receipts in1he prqm-r. SmmCRIBERS TO TilE SOIE!'lTIFIO AMERIOAN who fail to receive their papers regularly, will oblige the publishers by stating their complaints in writing. Those who may have miswd certain numbers can usually have them supplied hy addressing a note to the office of publication. EVERY SUBSCRIBER would do well to try and get one or more of his neighbors to send their names with his own, even if he has no wish to avail himself of our club rates. The larger the package of papers sent to one address, or the same Post Office, the greater is the eertainty of getting the paper regularly. A single paper is sometimes mislaid or overlooked in sorting the mails at SOIDe one of' the intermediate post offices through which it has to pass : while, on the contrary, we have noticed that a large package seldom fails to reach its proper destination. IMPORTANT TO INVENTORS. AMERICAN AND FOREIGN PATENT SOLICITO RS. —Meassrs. MUNN & CO., Proprietors of the SOIENTIFIC AMERICAN, continue to prcoure patents for inventors in the United States and all foreign countries on the most liberal terms. uisa loef'd t wbyel vaen yye aortsh' esrt anagdeinngc,y ainnd tohuer fwaocrillidt.i es Tahree alonndg d erxapweirniegns chea ws ree hnadveere hda uds i pne prrfeepctalryi ncgon svpeercsifiancat twioinths tOhffie cmc,o adne do wf ditohin mg obsut soinf tehsse aint vthene tUionnist ewdh Sictaht heas vPe abteeennt ipnavteenntteiodn. s iIsn ffroeremlya tgiiovne nco, wnciethrnouintg c hthareg pea, toenn tsuebnidliitnyg o af smuoltdaetli oonr dmraayw ibneg h aandd w dietshc rtihpeti ofinr mto, btehtiws eoeffin cnei.n e Caonndfsotruere to, 'cNloecwk .Y doarikly. , aOtu trh ebirra npcrhin coiffipacle so ffiarcee ,c 1o2rn8 eFru olfto Fn and Seventh streets, Washington. D. C.; No. 66 Chan;ti..o1n 3LcRon..c..e'./l1.rning the;....i. p..r, ..op..e..r.. ..c..oisu..rds e.. t..o ..bue\ ..puar..s..ui..ed ..ob:: otafi tnhien gP aptaetnetn tOsffi tcher,o uetgch., omura yA bgee nhcayd, tghrae trise quupiorne mapepnltiscCaotmiomn utnoi ctahteio pnrsi nacnipda lr eomffiicteta onrc eeist hshero uolfd t bhee abdradnrecshseesd. to No. 128 FMulUtoNnN s t&., NCeOw., Y ork. PaTthenet. sa nwnee xceodm mleettnedr tfor otmh et hpee rluastael Cofo malml pisesrisoonnesr i nofterMesEtSeSdR Si.n M obUtNaNin &in Cg Op.a :-te1n ttas k:-e pleasure in stating that MwOhRilEe TI HhAeNl d OtNhEe-F oOffiURc'er Ho Of FC AoLmLm TiHssEi oBnUeSrI NoEfS SP OaFte nTItlsE, tOhFeF IpQuE bclaicm ec otnhfirdouenghce y tohuurs hinanddicsa. teId hhaavse bneoe ndo fuubllty t hdaet sceoruvrseed ,w aist hI thhaev eo ffialcwe,a ay sm oabrkseerdv edde,O' riene aolfl pyrooumrp tinnteesrs,skill, andY fioduerlist, yv etory t htreu ilnyt,e rests or CyHouAr Sem. MplAoySeOrNs. . August 14, 1857.