BACK NUMBERS—Complete sets of the present volume of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN can yet be furnished at the subscription price. PATENT CLAIMS—Persons desiring the claim of any invention which has been patented within fourteen years, can obtain a copy by addressing a letter lo this office, stating the name of the patentee, and date of patent when known, and enclosing $1 as fee for copying. RECEIPTS—When money ia paid at the office for subscriptions, a receipt for it will always be given ; but when subscribers remit their money by mail, they may consider the arrival of the first paper a tmnaflde acknowledgment of the receipt of their funds. The Post Office law does not allow publishers to enclose receipts in the paper Terms of Advertising Twenty-five cents per line each insertion. We re-pectfully request that our patrons will make their advertisements as short as possible. Engravings cancot be admitted into the advertising columns. All advertisements must be paid for before inserting. RIGHTS FOR SAI.E OP MY SELF-ACTING Draft Regulator for all chimneys.—Prevents their takingfire, smoke from Mowing down, and saves 25 per cent of the fuel. Patented September, 1856. Two premiums awarded. Address J. A. ROYCE, Lee, Mass. THE MECHANICS GUIBE—CONTAINING Tables, Recipes, Hints, Information, &c, of real practical use ill the workshop, will be sent free by mail for ten cents. " The Workshop Chart," five cets. J. PHIN, Rochester, N. Y. JA. FAY & CO., WOnCESTER, MASS., . build the best Planer and Matcher in use, with wrought iron cylinder and Fitt's patent feed works. Ask all machinery agents for Fay & Co.'a "Bay State Planer," or address as above. AGREAT CHANCE-THE SUBSCRIBER off el's for sale at a bargain the patent for his Self-acting tfate for the whole United States, for cash, or exchange for unencumbered property. This is a great chance to make money. See SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NO. 23, for illustration. Address C. A. HOWARD, Pon-taic, Mich. HOW AND WHERE TO SEM, PATENTS to the best advantage, or thirty years' experience II all parts of America—both buying and selling. Price $1, post paid. CORNWALL BROTHERS, Hartford, Conn. SAMUEL MCELROY, CIVIL ENGINEER— Late U. S. Naval and Civil Engineer. Special attention paid to water-works with pumping power. Address "Engineer's Office," Water-works, Brooklyn, Long Island. NOTICE.—ALL PERSONS ARE HEREBY warned not to purchase of F. V. Vannest, or any other traveling agent, riffhta of R. E. Schroeder's patent for improved Lime Kilns, as no agents have been employed for more than a year to dispose of said rights. My patent ia the first and original one for perpetual draw kilns ; it is used by hundreds of the most experienced lime-manufacturers, and pronounced by them far superior to any ever in existence. Persons purposing to purchase territory will please address RICHARD E. SCHEOEDER, Rochester, N. Y. GOLD PENS REPOINTED EQUAL TO NEW—Price SB cents by mail, with return postage. Address L. H. MARTIN, 263 West 25th St., New York