RECEIPTS—"rhen mQney is paid at the office for subs scriptions, a receipt for it will always be given ; but when subscribers remit their money by mail, theY may consider the arrival of the first paper a bonafide acknowledgment of the receipt of tlleir funds. The Post Office law does not aJlow publishers to enclose receipts in the paper. PATENT CLAIMS—Persons desiring the claim of any inof yention which has been patented within fourteen yeara, can obtain a copy by addressing a letter 10 thiB office, stating the name of the patentee, and date 0f patent when knowD, and enclosing $1 as fee for copying. Important to Inventors AMERICAN AND FOREIGN PATENT A. SOLICITORS.—Messrs. SflJNN CO., Proprietors of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, continue to procure patents for inventors in the United States and all foreign countries on the most liberal terms. Our experience i of twelve years' standing, and our facilitIes are nn-equaled by. any other agency in the world. The long expeijerce'we have had; in preparing specifications and drawings has rendered us perfectly conversant with the mode of doing busines3 at the United States Patent O nice, and witn most of the inventions which have been patented. Iniormation concerning the patentability 0f inventions is freely given, without eharge, on sending a model or drawing an d description to this office. Consultation may be had with the firm, between nine and four o'clock, daily, at their principal office. 128 Fulton street, New York. We have lately established a Branch Agency on the comer ot F. and Seventh streets, Washington (OPPOSite the United States Patent Office). This office is under the general superintendence of one of the firm, and is in daily communication with the Principal Office in New York. and personaI attention will be given at the Patent Office to alIl such cases as may require it. We are very extensively engaged in the preparation and securing of patents in. the various European countries. For the transaction of this business we have offices at Nos. 66 Chancery Lane, London ; 29 Boulevard St Martin, Paris; and 26 Rue des Eperonniers, Brussels. We think we may safely say that three-fourths of all. the European patentB secured to American citizenB are procured through our Agency. CIrculars of information concerning the proper course to be pursued in obtainh g patents through our Agency, the requirements of thePatent Office, c., may be had gratis upon application at the principal office or either of the branched. Communioations and remittances should be addressed to MUNN COMPANY, No. 128 Fulton street, New York. The annexed letter from the late Commissioner 0f Patents we commend to the perusal of all persons interested in obtaining patents :— MESSRS. MUNN Co.—I take plea.ure in stating tbat while I beld the office of Commissioner of PatentsC MORE THAN ONE-FOURTH OF AIL THE BUSINESS OF THE OFFLOE came through your hands. I have nO doubt that the public confidence thus indicated has beeu fully deserved, as I have always observed, in all your intercourse with the Office, a marked degree of promptness skill, and fidelity to the interests of your-emplovers. Yours, very truly, CHAS. MASON. ECCENTRIC SCREW AND GRIPPING WRENCH—Hyde's patent-far oale M all hardware stores. Proprietors, GRAY BROTHERS, New York City. EVERY MILLWRIGHT, AM, MELL-OWNERS, and those interested in hydrodynamics, should become acquainted with the merits and principles of the improved Fourneyron Turbine Water Wheel, or the " Universal Turbine," a wheel the most economical in the use of water, and giv ing the highest percentage, with a partiallv raised gate, of any yet discovered. It gives from 75 to 97 per cent of power, according to the size of wheel and head employed. For information address S. K. BALDWIN, Laconia, N. H. N. R—For low falls of one, two, or three feet, aloo f orany tall, it will surpass all others. INDUSTRIAL MUSEUM-CONTRIBUTIONS ot new and valuable machines, merchandize, and specimens of fine art are most respectfully solicited at No. 5 Washington street, Boston, MaBB. I. S. RICHARDSON. METALLIC CAPS FOR HERMETICAL-LY SEALING BOTTLES, Jars, and other vessels.—Patented by W. J. Stevenson, June 8,1868. For simplicity, cheapness and style this cap surpasses all othera, Without the use of corka, or any other finish whatever. Rights for sale. Apply to W. J. STEVENSON CO., No. 947 Broadway, New York. SELF-A,CTING WOOD-TURNING LATHES —A. Warth's patent having been three years in practical operaMon, and greatly improved, is now the most perfect, simple, practical lathe in use, giving general satisfaction. One boy, inmost kindsof work, can operate two lathes, and accomplish the work of four men in the best manner. Address CARPENTER PLASS, 479 First avenue, New York City, sole manufacturers; or for county or State rights A. WARTH, 23 Chambers street, New York City. Also a general assortment of machinists' toolH on hand. Circulars sent on application. BALLOONS FOR TIlE FOURTH OF JULY —Illuminated and tri-colored—a great amusement. Size from 6 to 20 feet circumference. Price from GO cents to $3 each. Address I. S. CLOUGH, Sole Agent, No. 231 Pearl .treet, New York. FOR SALE-EIGHT VOLUMES OF THE SCIENTIFIC AMEBICAN, from 3 to ll complete and well bound. Addre.. W. McCLEAYE No. 8 Jeroliman .treet, Brooklyn, L. I. ROBINSON'S CORN PLANTER-Patented May 18th—plants in hill" and in straight parallel rows. two or three rows at a time. Rights for sale by DURGIN CO., over Gerrish Market, Boston, Mas. SPECIAL EXTRAORDINARY OFFER3 The great fifty cent Pictorial Monthly. OFFER-The United States Journal commences its tenth volume with the July number; and determined, regardlesa of any outlay, to give it an immediate introduction into every neighborhood, we make the following special offer :_ To any person who WIll send us two Hubscriptions ($1) we will present either a beautiful coPy of Fleetwood'; Life of Christ. containing about 500 pages. elegantly bound, and profuself illustrated. or we will preEent a splendid copy of LivLDgston's Travels in Africa, superbly bound and illustrated; or a copy of the magnificent steel-plate engraving, " Signing of the Death Wan-ant of Lady Jane Grey." The postage on the books is 24 cents each. and on the engraving 12 cents, which must accompany the order. If anybody is fearful that the above offer WIll not be carrled out, they can deposit the amount and postage with their postmaster, to be forwarded by him on receipt of the premium and first number o{ the paper. We will also send oflr catalogue of rich offers. J. M. EMERSON CO., 406 Broadway, New York. GREAT CURIOSITY—A VALUABLE IN-venfion, and something entirely new. A full size sample sent by mail for 25 cents. Male and female agents wanted. SHAW CLARK, Biddeford, Me. To BOOT AND SHOEMAKERS —UP-FIECD'S illustrated system of drafting explained and elucidated by 94 drawings and scales, embracing 738graduated patterns, in 2 volumes (Po8tage free) for five dollars. Address WM. UPFIELD, No. 34 Spruce street, New York. WOOD 'VORTH PLANING MACHINES, T TH Mortising, Tenoning, and Sash Machines, and a full assortment of wood-working machinery, at greatly reduced price.. Address CHARLES H. SMITH, 135 North Third st., PhIladelphia, Pa. SECOND-HAND MACHINERY AT VERY low prices for cash.—Steam Engines, Slide I,nthes, Planing Machines, Drills, Slotting Machines, c.; also a variety of Mortising, 'fenoning, and Sa*h Machines, c., all ,varranted in good running order. Address CHARLISS G. WILLCOX, 87 North 1'hird .t., Philadelphia, Pa. SLI.DE LATHES, IRON PLANERS, up-right Drills, Slotting and Boring MacInnes, Universal Chucks, and a large assortment of machmists' tool" at greatly reduced prices. Address CHARLES H. SMITH, 135 North 'rltird st., Philadelphia, Pa. FOR SALE AT A BAKGAIN-43NE NEW 13 ft. Iron Planer, weight 10,000 lbs. One new 18 ft. Engine Lathe, swing 30 inches. One second-hand Engine Lathe, swing k21 inchcs. One Upright Drill, six Shaft StraIghteners. SIX Bolt Headen!. I"or particu. lars address or inquire of WM. T. SCR ANTON, New Haven. Conn. SD. BARNETT, MALLEABLE AND GREY Iron Foundry, Hamilton, corner of McWhorter Bt, Newark, N. J. Orders promptly attended to. PATENT GRATE BARS—FOR STEAMBOAT and Stationary Engines—manufactured and supplied by the Salamander Grate Bar Co., office 30 Pearl st., New YorkREED'S PATENT PORTABLE AND STA'rrONARY STEAM ENGINES, unequaled for simplicity, durability, and econom y. Birkbeck's improved Steam PumpB, Portable Steam Saw and Grist Mills; second-hand engines and boilers. Most improved machinery of all kinds, furnished by JOHN A. REED, No. 172 Broadway, corner of Maiden Lane, New York City. These machines have no rival.—[Scientific American. WHEELER dc WILSON'S SEWING MACHINES, 843WILSON'S Broadway, New York, received the highest premiums awarded in 1851 by the American Institute. New York; Maryland Institute, Baltimore ; and at the Maine, Connecticut, Illinois. and Michigan State Fairs. Send for a circular containing editorial and scientific opinions, testimonials from persons of the highest social position, c. MACHINISTS' TOOLS FOR SAI.E AT HALF PRICE.—I will .eIl the remainder of the tools belonging to the estate of John Parsbley at half price, if called for soon. Said tools are new, and in good order. They consist in part aa follows :—One 16 foot planer. 10 hand lathes, 2 spliner drills, 13 No. 1 * drills, 1 bolt header. 1 shaft straightener, plane centers and jaws, chucks, all Bizes; also 8 of Foster's building block machines. N. D. SPERRY, Trustee, New Haven, Conn. BELTING AND PACKING - Niagara Fall. Paper Manufacturing Co., Niagara Falls, April 20 1858. United States Gutta Percha Co. : We duly re: ceived the Gutta PerchaBeltingorderedfromyou, and after. giving .it a thorough test the past Winter, on our heaVIest engmes. constantly exposed to water, ice and oil, .and making 140 to 160 revolutions per minute; and again on two of our largest h Gwynne Pumps," making Irom 6q0 to 709 revolutlOns per mInute, t.hey have given 1IS entlre sat18factlon, and we think It decidedly the best bel ting we ever u sed, and you may look for our future orders as required. S. PETTIBONE, Treasurer and Superintendent. For eale by the UNITED STATES VULCANIZED GUTTA PERCHA CO., No. 66 Liberty .treet, New York. FIFTH EDITION—CATALOGUE CONTAIN-ing 250 EDIillustrations TION-CATAof Mathematical. Optical LOGUECONTAIN-and Philosophical Instruments, wIth attachment of a large sheetreprertuttmr the" Swiss instruments in their nctual size and shape, will be delivered, on application, to all parts of the United States, by sending 12 cent. iu postage stamps. C. T. AMSLETl, No. GS5 Chestnut st., Philadelphia. WOODWORTH PLANERS-IRON FRAMES to plane 18 to 24 inches wide—at $90 to $110. For sale hy S. C. HILLS, 12 Platt street New York. WOOD-WORKING MACHINERY - LANE . BODLEY, Cincinnati, Ohio., manufacturers of aII kinds of wood-working machinery. Morris' patent Wood-Benders, for any shapes or purposes—more effective and economical than any other in use. ARTESIAN WELLS—WANTED TO EMPLOY immediately, a practical artesian well-borer. Ad. dress WM. STICANEY, Washington City, D. C. PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES.—S. C. i HILLS, 12 Platt street, New York, offers for .ale these Engines, with Boilers, Pumps, Heaters, etc., all complete, suitable for printers, carpenters, farmers, Pranters, c. A 2M horse, can be seen in store ; it occuPPies a space 5 by 3 feet; ,velght, 1,500 Ibs. ; price, $240. Other .Izes in proportion. STEAM ENGINES. STEAM BOII.ERS. Steam Pumps, Saw and Grist MIlls, Marble MIlls, Rice Mills, Quartz Mills for gold quartz, Sugar Mills, Water Wheel., Shafting and' Pulleys. The largest assortment of the above in the conntry, kept constantly on hand by WM. BURDON, 102 Front street, Brooklyn, HARRISON'S 30 INCH GRAIN MILLS— Latest PateDt.—A supply con.tantly on hand. Pnce $200. Addrcss New Haven ManufactUring CO.t New Haven, Conn. THE WORKS OF THE AUBIN GAS CO., (General Office, No. 44 State AUBINst., Albany, N. Y.,) as now peifected, are adapted to all materials and 10. calities, and are in successful operation in villages fac. toriesl and private dwellings. For full information as to cost, probable income of public works, c., apply as above. For plans, c., see SCIENTIFIC AMERIOAN of .areh 13th. SECOND-HAND MACHINISTS' TOOLS— ConSisting of 20 Engine Lathes 9 Iron Planers, 4 Upright Drills, Hand Lathes, Chuck Lathe Gear Cutters and Vices, all in good order, and for sale low for ca.h. For particulars, address FRANKLIN SKINNER, 14 Whitney avenue. New Haven, Conn. MACHINE BELTING, STEAM PACKING, ENGINE HOSE.—The superiority of these articleg, manufactured of vulcanized rubber, is established. Every belt will .be warranted superior to leather, at one-third less prIce. The Steam Packing is made in every variety, and warranted to stand 300 degs. of heat. The hose. never needs oiling, and is warranted to stand any reqmred pressnre; together with all varieties of rubber adapted to mechanical purposes. Directions prIces, c., can be obtained by mnil or otherwise at our warehon,e. NEW YORK BELTING AND PACKING COMPANY. JOHN H. CHEEVEK, Treasurer, No. 6 Dey street, New York. PECK'S PATENT DROP PRESS — FOR Jewelers, PATtin and copper workers, gun and jther forgings, c., manutactured by the patentee, MILO PECK CO., New Haven, Conn. FOR SALE—AN EIGHT-HOnSE uPRIGHT engine, boiler and fixtures, second-hand, nearly new, all in good running order. Address H. B. MATHER, West Norwalk, Conn_ NEW HAVEN MANUFACTURING CO.-Machiuists' Tools, Iron ANUFPlaners,ACTURING Engine and CO.Hand Lathee, Drills, Bolt Cutters, Geur Cutters,Chucks, c. on hand and finishing. These tools are of superior quality, . and are for sale low for CAsh or approved paper. For cuts giving full description and prices address " New Haven Manutacturing Co., New Haven, Conn.' PHILADELPHIA RIVET WORKS-MANU-factureru of the celebrated P brand. Boiler, tank, and gasometer riveta, of every diameter, length and head. PHILLIPS ALLEN. CLARK'S REGULATOR—FROM TEN TO twenty-five per CPllt saving in fuel is guaranteed in the nse of C}u.rk's Patent Steam and Fire Regulators ; besidcs giving the most periect regularity of power at any desired pressnre, and no fear of explosions. Send for Circular at 229 Broadway, New York City. E. R. PRATT, Secretary. piKCUXiARS WITH CUTS, ILLUSTATINGV-/ Btearn engines and machinery for making lumber, shingles, staves, heading chairs, bedsteads, and wheat-cleaning machinery, bran dusters, c, sent for a postage stamp, by applying to L. A. SPALDING, Lock-port, N. Y. ENGRAVING ON WOOD AND MECHANI_ CAL DRAWING, by RICHARD TEN EYCK, Jr., 128 Fulton street, New York, Engraver to the Scientific American. PAGE'S PATENT PORTABLE CIRCULAR SAW MILL, and Portable Steam Engines and Boilers mounted on substantial wheels, ready to saw lumber, thranh wheat or gin cotton. Our Mills will saw from 2,000 to 10,000 feet per day. AddreBB GEO. PAGE CO., Baltimore, Md. WOODWORTH PLANING MACHINES.— Havin,g over TH$40,UOOPLANING worth now completed, I will sell, from thIS tUlle henceforth, at a very reduced price and am rendy to construct any sizes not on hand at short notice. JOHN H. LESTER, 57 Pearl st., lirooklyn, Long 1sland_ LAP-WELDED IRON BOILER TUBE-Prosser's P-WELDEDPatent—Every article necessary to drill the tube-plates and set the tubes in the best manner. THOS. PROSSER SON, 28 Platt st., New York. f\tLl OIL! OIL!—FOR RAILROADS, STEAM-VJ ERS, and for machinery and burning. Pease's Improved Machinery and Burning Oil will aave fifty per centll and will not gum. This oil possesses qualities vitaly essential for lubricating and burning, and found in no other oil. It is offered to the public upon the most reli"hle, thorough and practical test. Our most skillful engineers and machinists pronounce it superior and cheaper than any other, and the only 011 that is in all cases reliable and will not gum. The Scientific American, after several tests, pronounced it " superior to any other theh have ever used for machinery." For sale only by the inventor and manufacturer, F. S. PEASE, 61 Main st., Buffalo, N. Y. N. B-—ReIiable ordersfilled for any part of the United States and Europe. VAIL'S SPEED WELL IRON WORKS, Morristown.SPEED N. JWELLIRON. manufacture Craig's Patent Double-acting Balance Valve Oscillating Steam Engines both stationary and portable, Knowles' Patent Muley, Portable, GangaUfI Re-sawing Mills, Snpnrand Chinese Cane Mills and Suga'r Pa.ns, Grist Milln, Mill Irons, Rich's Water-whecls, Forgings Hud Castings. Orders for the abqve, and all descriptions of labor-aaving macbInerv WIll recelve prompt utt('ntioll. JOHN H. I.IDGEHWOOD CO., No. 9 Gold street, New York. CORLISS' PATENT STEAM ENGINESCO About 250, most of them from 40 to 400 horse power are now in operation, On application, pampblets wili be Bent (by mail), containing statements of responsible manufacturing companies where these engines have been furnished, for the saving of fuel, in periods varying from 2J to 5 years. BoilerB, shafting, and gearing. CORLISS STBAM ENGINE CO.. PrOvidence, R I. MOWING AND REAPING KNIVES OF every description manufactured by C. H. LAME, No. 407 Cherry st., Philadelphia, Pa. First premium awarded by the United States Agricultural Society for mowing and reaping knives. PATENT OFFICE MODELS CAREFULLY ( made on scientific principles, nt lew prices, by H. , SHLARBAUM CO., 300 Broadwny, New York. llef-J erences at the office of this paper.