The present number of the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN brings to a close the labors of the year, and the ne??t llssue opens a new volume. a fresh page m th?? hls- ory of onr work. To our many readers and fnends, m Il;ll parts of the world: we offer hearty thanks for thel?? generou?? snpport III the pas??, and we hope ??o ??erl: the contmuance t.hereof by faIthful endeavors 1D e uture. . . .The cOlllmenc?m??nt of the year IS the tIme when ne??rly all ??ubt!crlptlons fa??1 due, and ;,e trus?? our su??- scrlbers Will be , ??rompt 1D forwardmg their remltthat ances. thus aV , OJdmg the loss of numbers by the cros.s. mg off of thel r .names: We earnestly ho??e. they wIll sen.d ????, along With .thelr own ??ues. the addItIonal sub- scriPtum. of so??e frIend o?? neIghbor. . For thiS ??estl ve season lt .woul?? be dIfficult to, select ??or?? deSirable or appropriate gIft than a ye??r s .sub- scrIptIOn to the SCIENTIFIC. AMERICAN pubhcatl??nlS. In the office, the shop, ??he library. the house???ld, the SCIE:rTI??IC AME??ICANIS always a welcome vIsItor. at- tractive, lOstru ctlve and useful for every one. . The terms for the SCIENTIFIC ??MERICAN relllalD as heretofore-$3 a year, postage paId by us. SCIENTIFIC A.MERICANSUPPLEMENT$5ayear. Both papers comshl bIDed, $7 a vear. BUILDING EDITION, $2.50 a year. All th h1" ' ??9 Add M C ree p?? IcatlOns .. a year. ress unn om pany, publIshers. 361 Broadway, New York. '., Cycle Note Two bicyclists. Theodore and Eddie Kraguess, ar rived in San Francisco a week ago, having ridden on their machines all the way from Minneapolis. The route they traveled was 2,856 miles 101lg, and they rode it in thirty-eight days, an average rate of seventy-five miles a day. SOllle days they rode more and some less, and occasionally they rode until nearly midnight in order to keep up the average. They did not make the trip for money or glory, but for pleasure. They had very trying times on the windy prairies, the sandy deserts. and the snow'covered mountains, and wiU not try to ride back again. They carried a tent, blankets. cooking utensils, and also food on the long desert stretches, although in the main they reengined. lied for shelter and food on the farmers. It is said the Bavarian Minister of War has authordition ized the purchase of 9,000 cycles which are to be used for the infantry and sharpshooters. A propOSition has been made recently by bicycle riders to several agents and manufacturers of bicycles that the manufacturers get together in a convention and agree to reduce numerous parts of their different machines to standard proportions. In sOllle respects the makers have been obliged already to agree upon standard sizes or parts. such as rims and tires. There is no reason why a similar agreeincrease ment should not be reached regarding the fittings of almost every part, so that any repair shop, supplied with a reasonable quantit,y of !ltandard repair parts, should be able to put any make of lllachine in order at short notice.-N. Y. Sun.