As the time lor preserving tomatoes is at hand, the following receipt may be useful to many of our readers. It was received by the Directors of the South Carolina Institute lrom Mrs. Johnson, to whom a premium Was a waitied at the last Fair for tomato figs:—Put three pounds of clarified brown sugar to every five pounds of tomatoes. They must be first scalded to remove the skin, then place in a stone jar tomatoes and sugar alternately, to extract the juice; in twenty-four hours boil them in their own juice until the sugar penetrates and they look clear, but not se much as to mash them. Very little boiling is necessary. Return them to the jar to remain two days, when you must pour ofl'the syrup; boil it and throw over them. Let them remain two days, and then shake them from the syrup, and dry on dishes, turning them every day for a week of good drying weather in the sun. Should the weather be damp after the boiling is finished, they can remain in the syrup until good weather. When perfectly dry, pack down in small wooden boxes, treating each layer to silted loaf sugar.