The following is the result of the match, shot with breech-loading carbines of their own invention, between Lieut. Symmes, United States Ordnance Corps, and Mr. Gibbs, of New York. In May last a match was shot by the gentlemen above named, inventoi'S of breech-loading carbines, to test the relative merits and accuracy of their respective weapons. AVe perceive by Bostdn papers of last week, that the umpire has made his report, and awarded the disputed target, at 600 yards, and the stakes, $200, to Lieut. Symmes ; and as it was near sunset'of the last day set apart for the trial, he withdrew from the contest at 300 and 100 yards, and conceded to Mr. Gibbs the amounts respectively stuked for these distances. The Lieutenant beat his opponent, in a string of 100 shots at 600 yards, over sixty feet. The same parties met again, says a Boston cotemporary, at West Point, at the recent trial of breech-loadars there, and Lieut. S. beat Mr. Gibbs even worse than at Water-town. In fact, it is stated that Lieut. Symmes made the best target, Poultney & Smith the second, Burnside third, and Maynard fourth.