The Congress of 1899 authorized the construction of six small unarmored cruisers, which are known as the '"Chattanooga,” “Cleveland,” “Denver,” “Des Moines,” “Galveston,” and “Tacoma.” These vessels were designed to serve as “station ships"; that is to say, their duty, in times of peace, is mainly to cruise on foreign stations, and in time of war perform various naval duties which would not call for vessels of either great speed or serious fighting power. To this end they were designed with roomy quarters for the officers and men, and particular attention was paid to the various requirements of long cruises in foreign waters, where the opportunities for docking and refitting are limited, To enable them to keep the sea for lengthy periods, they are sheathed with wood and copper. They are just under 300 feet in length, 44 feet in beam, and have a draft of 15 feet 9 inches for a displacement of 3,200 tons. The protection consists of a deck 5/16 of an inch on the flat and 2% inches on the slope. The “Des Moines,” of which we present an illustration, built by the Fore River Company, made 16.6 knots on her trials, She carries a maximum supply of 700 tons of coal. which is sufficient for 7,000 miles of cruising at 10 knots speed, Each ship mounts ten 5-inch 50-caliber guns, and twelve smaller guns. The former Displacement, 13.680 tons. Speed,22 knots. Bunker Capacity, 2,00 tons. Armor: Belt, 6 inches to 3)1 inches ; turrets, 6Hl inches to 6 inches ; barbettes, 6 inches ; deck, 1J.2 inch to 4 inches. Armament: Four 8-inch 45-caliber B. L.; fourteen 6-inch 50-cali- ber R. F.; eighteen 3-inch R. F.; twelve 3-pounders; eight 1-pounders ; two 3-inch field guns ; two machine guns; six automatic guns. Torpedo Tubes, 2. Complement, 822. ARMORED CRUISER “PENNSYLVANIA.” ALSO “CALIFORNIA,” “SOUTH DAKOTA,” “COLORADO," "MARYLAND,” AND “WEST VIRGINIA." Copyright 1907 by Loeffler, DlspJacement, 14,50 tons. Speed, 22 knots, Bunker Capacity, 1,950 tons, Armor: Belt, 5 inches; turrets, 9 inches to 5 inches ; barbettes, 7 inches to 4 inches ; deck, 4 inches to 1J.2 inch, Armament: Four lO-inch 4O-caliber guns; sixteen 6-inch 50 caliber guns ; twenty-two 3-inch guns ; twelve 3-pounders ; fourteen small guns. Torpedo Tubes, four 21-inch. ARMORED CRUISER “TENNESSEE.” ALSO “WASHINGTON,” “MONTANA,” AND “NORTH CAROLINA." Copyright 1906 by Lneffler, Displacement, 9,50 tons, Speed,22 knots, Bunker Capacity, 1,50 tons, Armor: Belt, 4 inches ; topsides, 4 inches ; deck, flat, 2 inches ; slopes, 3 inches. Armament: Fourteen 6-inch R. F.; eighteen 3-inch R. F.; twelve 3-pounder semi-automatics; four 1-pounder automatics ; two 3-iiich field gulls ;' two .30-calibei' machine guns ; eight .30)-e,aliber automatics. Complement, flU:!. SEMI-ARMORED CRUISER “ CHARLESTON.” ALSO 'MILWAUKEE” AND “ ST. LOUIS." are mounted, two on the main deck, one forward and one aft protected by shields, and eight on the gun deck in broadside. The complement is 293 officers and men