The clipper ship Sovereign of the Seai arrived at this port on the 6th inst, in 82 days from Honolula (Sandwich Islands,) it usually requiring four or five months from these Islands, Besides this speed for the whole passage, portions of the time show a more remarkable performance, as the following items will show :— The run from Honolulu to Cape Horn, a distance of 8,634 miles, was accomplished in 37 days. In 26 of those days, consecutively, the ship run 6,489 miles, and one of those days was distinguished by an extraordinary run of 430 miles. This is the greatest sailing recorded, the nearest approach to it being that of the Flying Cloud, which run in 26 consecutive days an average of 237 miles per day, while the daily average of the Sovereign of the Seas was 249 4-13 miles, or 22 miles a day more than the Flying Cloud. The best day's run of the Flying Cloud was 374 miles. There is no doubt of the above run of the ves-Seas, as it appears from the Sights and Calculations entered at large on Capt. McKay's Journal. A speed of 18 miles an hour for 24 hours—greater than was ever done under canvas.