BACK NUMBERS AND VOLUMES OF THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.–New subscribers to the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN can be furnished with the back numbers of this volume by signifying -their wish to receive them, otherwise their paper will be sent from the date of receiving the subscription. Vols. I. and II. (bound or unbound) may be hud at this office tind from all periodical dealers' Price, bound, $1 50 per volume ; by mail, $2, which includes postage. Price in sheets, $1. Every mechanic, Inventor, or artisan in the United States should have a complete Bet of this publication forreference. Subscribers should uot fail to preserve their num. bers for binding. SUBSCRIBERS TO THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN who fail to get their papers regularly will oblige the publishers by stating their complaints in writing. Those who may have missed certain numbers can have them supplied by addressing a note to the office of publication. GIVB INTELLIGIBLE DIRECTIONS.Wo often receive letters with money inclosed, requesting the paper sent for the amount of the enclosure, but no name of Stute given, and often with the name of the Post-office also omitted. Persons should be careful to write their names plainly when they address publishers, and to name the Post-office at which they wish to receive their paper, and the State in which tha Post-ofnca is located. INVARIABLE RULE.It is an established rule of this office to stop sending the paper when the time for which it was prepaid has expired ; and the publishers will not deviate from that standing rule in any instance.