It is well known to all our readers that we employ no traveling aentB. In order to become a subscriber to the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, enclose the money in a letter, and addreBB it to Munn & Co., 128 Fulton street, New York City. We depend upon our friendB to aid UB in getting subscribers and forwarding the names. The safest way to send money is by a draft or check made payable to our order. It is more'Bure of reaching us than when sent in bank bills. If bank bills are sent, we will assume tbe risk of them reaching us, when subscribers preserve a description of the bills, and take a Postmaster's receipt to show that the money haa been mailed. Many letters sent to -us are without Post-office address or signature, and therefore cannol be answered. ' 'When you order the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, be careful to give the name of the Post-office, County, and State to which you wish the paper sent. And when you change your residence, and desire your paper changed ace rdingly, Btate the name of both PoBt-offices—where you have been receiving it, and where you wish it sent in future. C RIDGE, WADSWORTH dfc CO., MANUFACTURERS of Improved Patent Oscillating Steam Engines.—After a thorough practical test for over three years, of tbe above improvement, our aucoess warrants us in offering it to the public, as securing what haa been long needed for oscillating engines—a plain, simple, and durable valve, and constituting an engine unsurpassed for economy of fuel, simplicity of con-Btruction, compactness and durability. Ita simplicity of style, with itB compactness, gives it an unrivalled claim forcheapness, enabling the manufacturer to construct atone-half the cost of any other engine of the same value. We have recently added a variable governor cut-off, cutting off the steam at any point, from the fourth of a Btroke to nothing, as the work to be done requires, securing all the advantages claimed for this class of improvements. Believing that they need only to be known to be adopted, we offer shop, county and State rightB for sale on reasonable termB. Also one-half the patent for Great Britain. Circulars, with testimonials sent, by mail ou application to CRIDGE, WADSWORTH & CO., _____________________________ Pittsburg. Pa. STEAM ENGINE.—A NEW FIFTY HORSE power, BUitablefor a propeller, will be acid cheap. Cau be seen at at 47 Maiden lane, New York City. WOODBURY'S IMPROVED WOOD WORTH Planing, Tonguing and Grooving Machines, are warranted to be vastly superior to any other machines in this country. When exhibited, they have always received the highest premium. Two gold medals have been awarded. Six patents have been granted to secure the improvements on these machines. All sizes constantly for sale, by JAMES A. WOOD-BURY, 60 Sudbury Btreet. Boston._________________ PECK'S PATENT DROP PRESS —ALL sizes, used for stamping copper or tin wore,'silver ware ornaments, spoons, &c, and for forging gun work, lock work, carriage clip, &C. Also power and foot punching presses, and oval die chucks. Manufactured by MILO PECK & CO., 3 Whitney avenue. New Haven, Conn. SWANEY'S PATENT PREMIUM WASH. ING Machine is the only machine ever patented .that will take the place of the hand wash-board. Arti-cleB washed by it require no hand rubbing, as every part 1B washed perfectly clean. Great inducements are offered experienced and reliable men to sell territory for this machine. State and County rights for sale. Address a M. SWANEY, Richmond, Ind. TO INVENTORS.—I WANT TO PURCHASE, foruseinthe ' Industrial Museum," one complete Operative Machine, of every improvement patented within the last two years. I S. RICHARDSON, No. 6 Washington St., Boston. RIVETS.— IRON BRIDGE, SHIP GIRDER, Boiler, Tank, Tender, Gasometer, and Stove Rivets. Railroads, Locomotive and Machine Shops, Gasometer Manufacturers, &c supplied with every kind of rivet used in the trade. PHILLIPS & ALLEN, Rivet Works, Pennsylvania avenue, weBtof22d st, Philadelphia. MECHANICS' GUIDE-A PRACTICAL BOOK of. tables, recipes, &c, for tbe use of mechanics and others. Sent free on receipt of 10 cents. J. PHIN, Rochester, N. Y. TO MACHINISTS, IRON FOUNDERS, &C. —The subscribers offer for eale a second-hand Engine and Boiler, five horse power, second-hand slide latheB and blowers, of various sizes, all of which are in good order, and will he sold at low prices. For particulars in regard to them, apply to R. HOE & CO, Printing Press, Machine and Saw Manufactoryr 31 Gold street,;New York. FIFTH EDITION—CATALOGUE CONTAIN-ing 250 illustrations of Mathematical, Optical and Philosophical Instruments, with attachment of a large sheet representing the Swiss instruments in their actual size and shape, will be delivered, on application, to all parts of the United States, by sending 12 cents in. postage stamps. C. T. AMSLEK, No. 635 Chestnut st, Philadelphia. 1QQ NINTH EXHIBITION OF THE lODO. CHICAGO MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. The Ninth Exhibition of American Manufactures and Mechanic ArtB, under the direction of the Chicago Mechanics Institute, for the promotion of tbe Mechanic Arts, will be opened at Chicago on Saturday evening, September 4th, and continue to Friday evening, September 17th, 1858. As there is to be no Fair by the Cook County Agricultural Society this fall, premiums will be offered for farm products by request of the Agricultural Society, the list of which will Boon be made out. For circulars or any further information, apply at the reading room or by letter to ___________________LEWIS DODGE, Secretary. rROSSETT'S PATENT STAVE CUTTER— V; Patented July 1,1844; re-issued March 2,1858 ; renewed and extended June 26,1868. Theabove mentioned machine is warranted to cut more and better staves than any other machine in the United States, and is the most Bimple, cheap, and durable. I hereby caution all persons against usi ng and vending said machine (the main features of which consist in the stationary knife and vibratory bed-piece) without the legal right to do so. Offenders will be dealt with according to law. All persons wishing an interest in the extended term of said patent can obtain it by addressing the undersigned at Joliet 111. _______________GEO. E. CROSSETT. Assignee. MAGIC LANTERNS FOR SUNDAY SCHOOLS and Public ?Exhibitions.—A priced and descriptive catalogue of Lanterns and Sliders (with full instructions for exhibiting the Lantern), furnished gratis, and (sent by mail, free of charge, to all parts of the United States. MCALLISTER & BROTHER, (Established 1796,) 728 Chestnut sfc, Philadelphia. CART'S CELEBRATED DIRECT ACTING Self-Adjusting Rotary Force Pump, unequalled in the world for the purpose of raising and forcing water, or any other fluid. Manufactured and sold by CARY & BRAINARD, BrocKpSrt, N. Y. Also for sale by J. C. CARY, 240 Broadway, New York City. ENGRAVING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION x-Machinery, Patents, Maps, &c, by WJt J. BARKER, No. 23 North Sixth street, Philadelphia, Pa. BELLOWS' PATENT-DRY CLAY BRICK MACHINE.—Thtf undersigned has invented a machine tbat tor cheapness, simplicity, durability, and the production of a superior article, is unequaled. Machines and rights for sale. EPH. H. BELLOWS, Worcester, Mass. T ANE & BODIiEY, MANUFACTURERS OF -l Wood-working Machinery and Circular Saw Mills. Especial attention given to hub, spoke, felloe, and wheel machinery. Shafting and pulleyB turned and balanced. $8 to $10 per 100 lbs. Corner of John and Waterstreets, Cincinnati, Ohio. WROUGHT IRON PIPE, CAST IRON PIPE, Galvanized Iron Pipe a substitute for lead). Stop CockB and Valves, Boilers and Boiler Flues. Pumps of all kinds sold at the lowest market rates by JAMES O. MORSE & CO., 76 John st, and 29, 31 and 33 Platt st. New York. _ _ 4~1RANULAR FUEL IS THE GROWTH \T of swamp lands and the trimmings of trees cut into lengthB adapted for kindling purposes or Bummer fuel—about four Inches. ThiB article is prefered to charcoal or split wood for kindling coal fires, no Bhav-ings belli required. An inexhaustible supply of material canbe bad within convenient distance of all our cities and towns, as it rep ats its growth once in three years. With Daniels' Patent Fuel Cutter and 1-horse power, one man can cut 600 bushels per day; seasoned hickory three inches in d iameter is cut with it. Upwards of forty machines are now xt successful operation in Massachusetts. Granular Fuel brings tbe same price asebsreoal, and costs but three cents a bnsnel. Aright with machine, coating $500, insures an income of $1,600 per annum. Send for circular containing references, &c, to R D. WASHBURN, Taunton, Mass, General Agent_______________________________________ GUILD ifc GARRISON'S STEAM PUMPS for all kinds of independent steam pumping: for sale at 55 and 57 First street, WilliamsburKh, L. I., and 301 Pearl Btreet, New York. GUILD, GARRISON & CO. J& WE W. CUMBERLAND'S IMPROVED Patent Metallic Oil, for machinery and burning. Warranted to last longer than sperm oil. Manufactured only by the New York Cumberland Metallic Oil Works, toot of East 24th st. Office. No. 205 Broadway, New York. Under the inventor's superintendence. N. R—See that our brand ".New York Cumberland Metallic Oil Works, foot of East 24th street," is upon every package, however small. WARTH'S SELF-ACTING WOOD-TURNING LATHES.—The heat and most practical now in use; one .boy will accomplUta the work of four men. State and County rights fox sue,': Address A. WARTH, care W. H. Bertlini, & Chambers st. New York, or the manufacturers, who have machines of all sizes on ban d. Also a general assortment bf.rnachin-iststools. Circulars sent, Address CARPENTER & PLASS, 479 First are., New York, PATENT RIGHT—FOR SALE—A VALUA-ble patent right for England for an article Introduced in this country sufficiently to fully test its merits. Apply to TUTTLE BAILE?, No. 301 Pearl st,'flew York. HARRISON'S 20 AND 30 INCH GRAIN Mills constantly on hand.. Addraas. Ilew Haven Manufacturing Co., New Haven, Conn.;: 5ftfth AGENTS WANTED —TO SELL )\J\J\J. four new inventions. AgentBhave made over $25,000 on one. Better than all other similar agencies. Send four stamps and get eighty pages particulars, gratis. EPHRAIM BRQ.WN, ___________Lowell, Mass. WOODWORTH PLANERS-IRON FRAMES to plane 18 to 24 inches wide—at $90 to $110. For sale by a C HILLS, 12 Platt Btreetf ,New York. SECOND-HAND MACHINISTS' TOOI.S-Viz., Engine and Hand Lathes, Iron Planers, Drills, Chuck Lathe, Gear Cutter and Vises, all in good order, and for sale low for cash. Also one new first-class Woodworth Planing and Matching Machine. Address FRANKLIN SKINNER, Agent, ll Whitney avenue. New Haven, Conn. ?CK3CENTRIC SCREW AND GRIPPING -CJ WRENCH—Hyde's patent—for sale by all hardware stores. Proprietors, GRAY BROTHERS, New York City.____________'_______________________ PATENT OFFICE MODELS CAREFULLY made on scientific principles, at lw prices, by H. SHLARBAUM&CO., 800 Broadway, New York. References at the office of this paper. STEAM WHISTLES — IMPROVED PAT-terna for locomotive and stationary engines. A large assortment constantly on hand. Manufactured by HAYDEN, SANDERS & CO., 306 Pearl st, New York. PORTABLE STEAM ENGINES. — S. C. HILLS, 12 Platt street, New York, offers for sale these Engines, with Boilers, Pumps, Heaters, etc., all oomplete, suitable for printers, carpenters, farmers, planters, &c A iii bone can be seen in store: it occupies a space 5 by 3 feet; weight, 1,6 0 lbs.; price, $240. THIRTIETH ANNUAL FAIR OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE at the Crystal Palace, in the city of New York—The Managers announce that the Exhibition will be opened on Wednesday, the 15th day of September next The Palace will be prepared for the reception of goods on and after the 7th of Sept. Machinery and heavy articles will be received and stored after the 1st of July. This exhibition is intended to embrace Machinery and New Inventions, Manufactures of all descriptions, and Agricultural and Horticultural Productions of every kind. Gold, silver and bronze medals, silver cups, and diplomas will be awarded on the report of competent and impartial judges. The Managers would impress upon exhibitors the importance of making early application for the space they wish to occupy. Circulars containing full particulars can be had by applying to WM. B. LEONARD, Corresponding Secretary of the Institute. No. 351 Broadway, New York, to whom all communications should be addressed. By order of the Managers, F. W. GETSSENHAINER, JR., Chairman. JOHN W. CHAMBERS, Secretary. STEAM ENGINES, STEAM BOILERS, Steam Pumps. Saw and Grist Mills, Marble Mills, Rice Mills, Quartz Mills for gold quartz. Sugar Mills, Water Wheels, Shafting and Pulleys. The largest assortment of the above in the country, kept constantly on hand by WM. BURDON, 102 Front street, Brooklyn, N. Y.__________________________ THE WORKS OF THE AUBIN GAS CO., (General Office, No. 44 State st, Albany, N. Y.,) as now perfected, are adapted to all materials and localities, and are in successful operation in villages, factories, and private dwellings. For full information as taMost, probable income pi public works, Sec, apply as above. Fr plans, &c, see SCIENTIFIC AMIBIOAN of March 13th.________________________ MACHINE BET/TING, STEAM PACKING, ENGINE HOSE__The superiority of these articles, manufactured of vulcanized rubber, is established. Every belt will be warranted superior to leather, at one-third less price. The Steam Packing is made to every variety, and warranted to stand 300 degs. of heat. The nose never needs tiling, and is warranted to stand any required pressure; together with all varieties of rubber adapted to mechanical purposes. Directions, prices, &c.,canbeobtained by mail or otherwise, at our wareheuse. NEW YORK BELTING AND PACKING COMPANY. JOHN H. CHEEVER, Treasurer, No. 6 Dey street, New York._______________ These machines have no rival__[Scientific American. WHEELER dc WILSON'S SEWING MA- ? CHINES, 343 Broadway, New York, received the highest premiums awarded in 1867 by the American Institute. New York; Maryland Institute, Baltimore ; and at the Maine, Connecticut, Illinois, and Michigan State Fairs. Send for a circular containing editorial and ecientificopinions, testimonials from-persons of the highest social position, &c. LAP-WELDED IRON BOILER TUBES-Frosser's Patent.—Every articleaecessaryto drill the tube-plates and set the tubes in the best manner. THOS. PROSSER & SON, 28 Platt St., New York. WELLINGTON MILLS EMERY — CON-sumers will look for copyright label on each cask, by whomsoever sold, and they will be sure of the best emery. Casks contain 200 pounds each. Testimonials of its superiority from Collins' Axe Co., and many others. GEO. H. GRAY & DANFORTH. Boston, Mass. SLIDE LATHES, IRON PLANERS, UP right Drills, Slotting and Boring Machines, Uni versal Chucks, and a large assortment of machinists' tools, at greatly reduced prices. Address CHARLES H. SMITH, 135 North Third st, Philadelphia, Pa. BELTING AND PACKING—Niagara Falls Paper Manufacturing Co., Niagara Falls, April 10, 1868. Uited States Gutta Pcrcha Co. : We duly received the Gutta Percha Belting ordered from you, and after giving it a thorough test the pnst winter, on our heaviest engines, constantly expoBed to water, ice and oil, and making 140 to 160 revolutions per minute; and again on two ofour largest " Gwynne Pumps," making from 600 to 700rerol utions per minute, they have given us entire satisfaction, and we think it decidedly the best belting we ever used, and you may look for our future orders as required. S. PETTIBONE. Treasurer and Superintendent. For sale by the UNITED STATES VULCANIZED GUTTA PERCHA CO., No. 66 Liberty street, New York. TO IRON FOUNDERS AND PIPE MANUFACTURERS__I will sell theripht to use and furniBh the best Core Bars extant,formoldingall kinds of Green Sand Cores on a hollow bar, for three-inch pipe and upwards. GEO. PEACOCK, Dalton, Ga. 17NGRAVING ON WOOD AND MECHANI- -Ei CAL DRAWING, by RICHARD TEN EYCK, Jr., 128 Fulton street .New York, Engraver to the Scien-tlac American. ______________________ "C VERY MILLWRIGHT, ALL MILL- -EJ OWNERS.and those interested in hydrodynamics, should becane acquainted with the merits and principles of the improved Fourneyron Turbine Water Wheel, or th e " Universal Turbine." a wheel the most economi calin theuseqf water, and giving the highest percentage, with a partially raiBed gate, ofany yet discovered. It gives from 75 to 97 per cent of power, according to the Bize of wheel and head employed. For information address S. K. BALDWIN, Laconia, N. H. N. R—Forlowfalls of one, two, or three feet also for any fall, it will surpass all others. IRON PLANERS AND ENGINE LATHES of all sizes, also Hand Lathes, Drills, Bolt Cutters, Gear Cutters, Chucks, &c. on hand ana finishing. These tools are of superior quality, and are for sale low for cash or approved paper. For cuts giving full description and prices, address "New Haven Manulacturing Co., New Haven, Conn." OIL! OIL! OIL!—FOR RAILROADS, STEAMERS, and for machinery and burning. PeaBe's Improved Machinery and Burning Oil will save fifty per cent, and will not gum. This oil possesses qualities vitally essential for lubricating and burning, and found in no other oil. It is offered to the public upon the most reliable, thorough and practical test Our most skillful engineers and machinists pronounce it superior and cheaper than any other, and th only oil that is in all cases reliable and will not gum. The Scientific American, after several tests, pronounced It " superior to any other they have erer used for machinery." For sale only by the inventor and manufacturer, F. S. PEASE, 61 Main st, Buffalo, N. Y. N. R—Reliable orders filled f orany part of tbe United States and Europe._________________________ AIL'S SPEEDWELL IRON WORKS, Morristown, N. J., manufacture Craig's Patent Double-acting Balance Valve Oscillating Steam Engines both stationary and portable, Knowles Patent Mulcy, Portable, Gang and Se-sawing Mills, Snmr and Chinese Cane Hills and Sugar Pans, Griat Mills, Hill Irons, Rich's Water-wheels, Forging and Castings. Orders for the above, and all descriptions of labor-saving ma-chinerv will receive prompt attention. JOHN H. LTDGBKWOOD & CO., ___________________No. 9 QoM street. New York. PORLISS PATENT STEAM ENGINES- V About 250, most of them from 40 to 400 norse power, are now in operation. On application, pamphlets will be sent (by mail), containing statements of responsible manufactiiring companies where these engines have been furnished, for the saving of fuei, in periods varying from iii to 5 years. Boilers, shafting, and gearing. CORLISS STEAM ENGINE CO., Frovid&ee, B. I.