A return made by the Hudson&s Bay Com pany to the British House of Commons, com municates some interesting particulars res pecting Vancouver&s Island. One thousand lour hundred and seventy-eight acres of land have been sold to eleven persons; the fur trade of the Company were in possession of 3,084 acres, part of which they have sold to their retired servants. The Puget Sound Company have provided four farms to employ emigrants on their first arrival. The Hud son&s Bay and Puget&sSound Companies have, at their own expense, sent out 271 males, 80 women and 84 children, since 1848. These emigrants were mostly agricultural laborers under engagement. One thousand, three hun dred and fifteen tons of coal have been collected by the Indians, from the surface seams, and had been exported by the Company. The Company had incurred considerable expense in boring for coal without suecess, until late ly, when promising appaarances had been dis covered about eighty miles north of Fort Vic toria, on the east coast of the Island, nearly opposite the mouth of Fraser&s river. Mea sures had been taken to follow out the search and work the coal if found practicable. The high rates of wages in Oregon and Califor nia had tended to the detriment of the Island. Flour had still to be imported for the use of the settlers.