Rev. Zadock Thomson has written a letter giving an account of his experience in searching for gold in the vicinity ot Bridgewater, Vt. He says : The gold is found in the range ot talcose slate and steatite, which is known to extend throuzh the found eitg of the State, horn north io soiith. This lango passes through Bridgewater, near the middle, and the gold locality is but a short distance from the centre of the township, towards the southwest. The gold is disseminated very sparingly in veins or seams of quartz, and is associated with the sulphurets of lead, iron and copper. The strata of slate between which the quartz is interspersed dip some 55 degrees towards the east, and the seams of quartz vary much in thickness, and are somewhat irregular Gold has yet been found in only a few of these seams, and most of which has been obtained was from a single seam, in which several hands are now at work. This is from ten to twenty inches wide, and some portions of it are filled very abundantly with galena, or sulphuret of lead. At a blast made in this seam while 1 was present, more than one hundred pounds of pure galena were thrown out with the quartz, together with some sulphuret of iron, and a very few small particles of gold ; but whether gold or lead will here be found in sufficient quantities to pay for working is yet problametical."