The New England Cultivator presents the following receipt for making a useful medicine from walnuts. Get the green walnuts fit for pickling, pud them in a stone jar filled up with sugar, in the proportion of halfa pound to a score of walnuts; place the jar in a saucepan of boiling water, for about three hours, taking care that the water does not get in, and keep it simmering during the operation. The sugar, when dissolved, should cover the walnuts, and if it does not add more, cover it close, and in six months, it will befit for use, the older it gets the better it is. One walnut is a dose lor a child six years of age, as a purgative, and it has this great advantage over drugs, that while it is an excellent medicine, it is at the same time very pleasant to the palate, and will be esteemed by the young folks as a, treat.