The Newport Mercury gives forth a valuable suggestion, which we transcribe as being worthy of attention. After sympathizing with those who, during the coming cold weather, will feel the biting frost, and shiver through want of fireand most heartily have they our pity and humble aidthe editor suggests the following : "Take a number of old newspapers, and paste them together until you have a spread large enough for the bed, and this place under an outer quilt or spread, when it will be found to act like a charm." Surely, if this will keep a person warm in place of fire, there will be many who will follow the advice ; and we have no doubt that every newspaper publisher will volunteer to do what the proposer does, namely, to give away his old newspapers for so charitable a purpose. ----------------------------------To Fasten Leather to Metal.Soak the leather in a hot solution of nut galls, and apply it to the metal upon which it is to be fastened, having first given the metal a coat of glue. When dry, the leather will adhere so tight that it sooner tears than separates from the metal.