The Leavenworth (Kansas) correspondent of the St. Louis Republican complains that a large number of mechanics and laborers, particularly stone masons, are enticed to the West by extravagant advertisements in eastern papers, promising them work at high prices, when no such demand for their labor exists. Such reckless conduct on the part of heartless specnlators, whose object is to exact bounties from credulous applicAnts for employment, cannot be too strongly censured. Mechanics and others do wrong in emigrating to any distant western State without having more positive assurances of employment after reaching there than the doubtful promise contained in the advertisements of those who live by duping the nnwary. In a late article, we took occasion to commend the efforts of societies established in many of the eastern cities for the purpose of obtaining employment for the worthy poor who are anxious to go West, and to facilitate their emigration thence ; and we would.advise all such persons who contemplate making a journey hundreds of miles in searcb. of employment, to consult the disinterested members of these societies in relation to the most suitable place for their labor, and other essential points, before taking the final step.