One of the many wondrous things about our minds is how adaptable they are, shifting with our experiences and in response to the environment around us. Now Scientific American MIND, initially begun in 2004 as a print edition that was reproduced in PDF archives, has fully undergone a digital transformation. Oh, you can still turn the pages on your tablet or mobile phone, but they will no longer be made of ink and paper.

The new Scientific American MIND will still bring you insightful, sprightly stories from both researchers who are experts in their fields and award-winning science journalists. In this edition, for instance, Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of Ottawa, explains how couples can stay attached in “Deciphering the Language of Love.” Learn how gut bacteria rule our appetites in a special report, including “How Gut Bacteria Tell Their Hosts What to Eat,” by Knvul Sheikh, and “Mind over Meal: Does Weight-Loss Surgery Rewire Gut-Brain Connections?” by Bret Stetka. There’s much more in this issue to explore as well.

As we hope you’ll agree, Scientific American MIND remains the essential guide to a lifetime’s journey to understand our innermost selves.