The work of removing the machinery o the Ericsson was completed last evening This afternoon she is to be towed from he dock in Williamsburgh to the foot of Thir teenth street, North River, for the purpose o receiving her new and powerful engine am other machinery, nearly all of which is i: readiness to be placed on board. The shaf bed plates, and water-wheels are the onl; parts which have been retained in her. Thi owners are confident that the Ericsson wil be in readiness lor sea the 1st of Septembe next," The above is from the "New York Tri bune;" we have quoted it to show that w have no art nor part in making up unfavorabl reports respecting the splendid success of thi Ericsson. The best thing that could be don with this ship would be to put a pair of goo steam engines into her; perhaps this is th very thing that is to be done, but as Capt Ericsson says. " this is not a proper subject fo: discussion at present.”