With the beginning of the next volume, we shall commence the publication of a series of short articles on the “Production, Distribution and Consumption of Wealth.” They will be written by a thorough political economist, expressly for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, in a plain, common-sense style, and will not only-point out the nature and origin of wealth, and the natural forces which determine the rate of wages and of interest, but will also explain the operations of banking, exchange and currency, all in a clear and intelligible manner, with illustrations drawn from the actual business transactions of this community. -*-.,-—_ . THREE CROPS OF GRAPES IN ONE SEASON.—We have seen a bunch of grapes taken from the vine of Mr. John W. Alexander, of Green Point, which were part of a third crop from the same vine in one season. The benies were full and plump and all well formed, without blemish or fault. Mr. Alexander claims to have a new method of culture, by which he ;an produce this extraordinary result every year. A CUBIC inch of beechwood charcoal must have, at the lowest computation, a surface, in its pores, of at least 100 square feet.