The Southern Cultivator, published at Ai gusta, Ga., contains an interesting letter fror Judge Andrews about Whitney's gin. An ol gentleman over 80 years of age, named The mas Talbot, of Washington, Ga., settled ther 62 years ago, on the plantation next to.tha which Whitney tled. Whitney was i partnership with one Durkee, and set up hi first cotton gin there. The gin-house wa grated so that visitors might see the cotto ginned from the outside. None but female were allowed to enter. A man named Lyoi dressed himself in woman's clothes, went ir and discovered the whole modus operandi an went home and made a machine. The part ner of Whitney became dissipated and Whit ney sold out; the old gin and the gin-housi were bought by Mr. Talbot, and the old cot ton house is now a fine barn. Whitney go his first idea of a cotton gin from a machim used to tear up rags for paper.