Dr. Hickman, in an Article in the 4t Cinema nati Eclectic Medical Journal," describes the uses and value of the Gelseminum Lemperi- states that he has used it for about a year in ure To prepare it, the green roots are w ashed and bruised, and then placed in a clean glass vessel, and good whiskey poured upon them until they are covered, when they are suffered to stand and macerate for ten days, i alter which they are ready to be strained. About 30 drops of this tincture are given to an adult every three hours until three doses are taken. In all cases of fever he gives this tincture of jasmine. It is always advantageous to use it along with quinine, as it pre-t ents tfte rush of blood to the head, and is anti-spasmodic . It will relax the nervous system ot itself lor a short time, but the iever will return again, hence it should always be given with the quinine. This course of treat-menti he states, has never failed to break up an attack of remittent fever in from six to ten hours, by first giving some mild cathartic In bad cases 01 Typhoid fever,it is.necessary to give a cathartic first, which will secrete the bile, and then the jasmine and quinine are giv en afterwards. It produces great relaxation of the nervous system, with dimness of vision, but he asserts that no deleterious effects follow; it should be given in all cases until the patient becomes drowsy.